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Friday Foodie: Artisan Picnic

Picnics are the best. This is pretty much an established fact. But sometimes packing the picnic takes way longer than the actual eating of the picnic. That’s where Artisan Picnic comes in, a local Indianapolis business that hopped onto the foodie scene earlier this year. This company takes all the work out of packing and preparing a picnic so you can enjoy a tasty, fresh, flavorful lunch at the office or on the beach or in the car or at Monument Circle or really wherever you want to enjoy tasty food.

Artisan Picnic has fun themes for their adorable brown box lunch boxes, such as the “The Frenchie” or “The Italiano,” which include a combination of sweet and savory items, along with gourmet meats, cheese, and breads. The business also has a fabulous knack of showing up at cool places, such as trivia nights, outdoor movies, and indoor concerts so you can enjoy your scheduled activity without stressing about where to find good food.

Photo by Artisan Picnic

It didn’t take much for me to decide to them a try (their Instagram is adorable and I’m wild about anything with fancy cheese), so I talked Husband into picking up two boxes when we attended a summer symphony performance. “The Italiano” was offered that day, so we enjoyed gluten free crackers with fresh olives, cheese, nuts, meat, a fancy truffle, and probably other enchanting things I am forgetting. Every item was individually wrapped and the experience had a whole “playing with your food” vibe as I got to construct a variety of different bite combinations. The multiple pieces also took a while to eat as enjoying our picnic lasted for the entire duration of the 45 minute concert. The whole experience was pretty precious and I felt very relaxed while nurturing my foodie soul.

The only downside? These nutritious, beautiful, single-serving, artfully designed meals are pretty expensive ($16 each) and do not include a drink. And to be fair, Husband could probably eat about three of them since they have a “snack” feeling to them instead of a full meal. I get buying locally sourced meats and cheese can be pricey, but I know that several items, including the crackers, nuts, and olives can be bought in bulk and divvied up for a pretty low sum. I think the picnics should at least include sparkling water or European lemonade.

In conclusion: My taste buds are in love, but my frugal self is going back to packing my own picnics, even if they don’t involve tiny bottles of jam.

Overal Rating: 4/5

Lindsay Sig

2 comments on “Friday Foodie: Artisan Picnic

  1. koolaidmoms

    Thank you for the review! I was thinking we might try this on one of our visits to the city instead of eating out. Gives me so much more information to ponder. Thank you!


  2. Love this concept we have a similar concept in my state. I have the same downside as you , but maybe I won’t complain next time as ours do come with a sparkling water , and often a buy one get one half off coupon 😂


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