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Unpacking San Francisco: What I Learned About Husband

Newlywed vacations are so much fun because it is so rare that you get to spend every moment, 24/7, with the other person. Husband and I have such diverse interests so when we are at home, we work to achieve a balance of activities we want to do separately, with friends, or together. This is much harder to do on vacation! Our honeymoon was crazy easy because it was just the two of us and an island. San Francisco is a different story with reservations and schedules and directions. Since I picked the destination, Husband also let me choose most of the activities so I would be able to see the most of my choice (so sweet!). We traipsed around Alcatraz and wandered through Golden Gate Park. We walked up Nob Hill and down Taylor Street. We took in street performers and a magic show. We relaxed in our hotel pool overlooking the city and took in the views of the sunset and each other. And I learned some things about myself and Husband.

1. Husband doesn’t need vacations. Or at least, not as frequently as I do. Yes, he likes a break from work to relax and catch up on science news or web comics, but it wouldn’t really cross his mind to go cross country to take a break. He’s very content with his city and home and me. He was so excited to get home so he could go back to the office and use his brain again.

2. Husband isn’t easily impressed. He toured parts of Europe before we were together and fell in love with the ancient architecture and irreplaceable paintings which makes sharing beautiful wineries and modern art museums with him a little “meh”. It’s not that he doesn’t like American tourist destinations, he would just rather save our money for Rome.

3. Husband is very good at maintaining our budget. It’s a good thing someone is because I tend to go on “vacation mode” and want to spend everything while soaking up the moment. He is much better at knowing when is a good time to spend and when is better to save and works to be gracious in his reminders to me.

I am looking forward to a lifetime of more trips and more learning!

Here are some trip pictures of the cutie 🙂

thumb_IMG_4288_1024 thumb_IMG_4188_1024thumb_IMG_4228_1024

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