Transformation Tuesday (plus shameless social media plugs)

What’s good, blogging world? I’ll tell you what’s good: having your lifelong friend come visit you from Hawaii! My friend, Hana, is an incredibly awesome person who just happens to take beautiful photographs in beautiful places for a living. We spent three days last weekend catching up, savoring brunch, meditating in yoga, and people-watching in Broad Ripple. She was totally awesome and agreed to take a few pics of the bungalow, which inspired me to update my blog layout! I am so excited to share my adorable home with you, so please look around and let me know your thoughts!

Photo by Hanalani Photography
Photo by Hanalani Photography

While you’re browsing the changes, check out Hana’s site and maybe even follow her fabulous blog or book her for some family portraits!

Photo by Hanalani Photography
Photo by Hanalani Photography

And while you are at that, take a minute to follow me on social media! I am so proud of myself for figuring out Instagram and am having the best time updating my Pinterest page with Bungalow goodness. I am also recently on BLOGLOVIN’, which I totally do not understand and would love to find some friendly faces there! (Search “The Love Bungalow” on all platforms and I’ll follow you back!)

Photo by Hanalani Photography
Photo by Hanalani Photography

What are you transforming today??

Lindsay Sig


11 comments on “Transformation Tuesday (plus shameless social media plugs)

  1. Hi Lindsay, your home is lovely, just so warm and comforting. I definitely will check out your friends blog. I have not ventured in Bloglovin’ world yet, and really should do some research !
    Have a lovely day.


  2. You have a beautiful home! I have yet to try out Bloglovin’ but really should!


  3. Your house is beautiful! I love your porch!


  4. I also am new to Bloglovin’ and don’t really understand it! I’ll have to look for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I LOVED visiting you and the Bungalow!! You’re such an amazing hostess — best weekend ever 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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