Faith Reflections Slowing Down

Stirred, Not Shaken

I am aware that history repeats itself and that every generation has trying times, even catastrophic times, that seem to signify the “end of the world”, but the world still manages to go on. Ever moving, ever turning until I no longer even think about the end of the world anymore, but just view current conditions through the perspective of times of war and times of happiness and times of prosperity and times of worry and times of sickness and times of contentment. Nothing is static; one thing influences another, which then alters time and eventually, changes the stories we record in history books. Memories grow faulty, wisdom becomes hazy, and technology seems to scare us even more than it did the last time.

Circling, circling.

Impacting, growing, shifting, progressing, faltering, failing, trying again.

Photo by Greg Rakozy, Creative Commons

But even with this lens, where does this leave us? How do we respond in times of confusion, doubt, ignorance, and fear? In these times, I like to think of myself as stirred, not shaken.

Stirred to different prayers–to give up my preference of presidential candidate and instead simply pray for a kind, honest person to take office, to change my desire for helping refugees resettle in my state and start longing for them to be simply be allowed to safely enter my country, and to update my recruitment plan of convincing loved ones to join me at my university and instead hope for them to attend somewhere that preaches love and acceptance instead of violence and hate.

Stirred to action–to contact my leaders and express my thoughts, feelings, and desires for the future, to educate myself on complicated topics, and to advocate for peace with my friends, family, and social media.

Stirred to hope-to dream of better days, to usher in a new way of living, and to share a vision of life full of eternal beauty and everlasting love.

Rooted in love. Standing forever.

Lindsay Sig


15 comments on “Stirred, Not Shaken

  1. I am stirred and inspired by your post!

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  2. Thank you so very much for writing what I couldn’t. Sometimes you feel something so deeply you can’t express it – through speaking or writing (even though I usually write when I can’t find the words..). What you’ve written is absolutely the desire of my heart and I hope we all strive for these things. Thank you!

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  3. A very thoughtful post full of wisdom! I like what you are praying for! Asking for the best basically!

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  4. “Rooted in love. Standing forever.” – šŸ’™

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  5. Was thinking your place is probably a haven of beauty and good fragrances right now!! This post is wonderful; and I’ve been thinking (and writing) along the same lines. God bless your prayers and I add my AMEN. Wonderful Christmas to you all.


  6. Lindsay, what a beautiful post, thank you.

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  7. What lovely stirrings! Thank you for sharing.

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  8. breeziejohnson

    Great thoughts! One thing caught my attention most: your reflections on praying from a different perspective. I often find myself praying for the things that I think are the best, rather than praying that the best things will happen. How strange that I often act like my wisdom is greater than God’s!

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