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Friday Foodie: B Spot

This restaurant is now closed. 

Apparently, there exists a celebrity chef named Michael Symon who started a chain of “industrial-chic” burger spots after a successful run on Iron Chef. Never heard of him. But I have heard of spiked milkshakes, so after learning they were being served at the newest B Spot location on the north side of Indy, I made a trip to the Ironworks building to try them out.

Moral of the story? Don’t go.

B Spot offers “gourmet” burgers, but the toppings are nothing new, unless eggs, BBQ sauce, and chorizo suddenly became gourmet while I was on Christmas vacation.


And that’s all they serve! Like you better like burgers or you’re left with a couple salad options or a chicken sandwich. And the boozy milkshakes? You get 1 oz liquor compared to the 20 oz milkshake, so the taste is long lost in chocolate foam.

My friend and I split the “Fun Guy” burger with a side of Lola fries (I never trust a place where you have to order fries separately) and I tried the Seasonal Shake, which I think was chocolate peppermint.


Burger restaurants seem to be a dime a dozen with ever increasing attention to detail and introduction to new flavors, but this one was a step backward into boring land. Add slow service to a bland environment and you get my recommendation to head to Five Guys instead for a decent burger. So long, fancy chef!

Anyone else checked out B Spot yet?

Lindsay Sig

11 comments on “Friday Foodie: B Spot

  1. It sounds like the typical too much artsy and not enough fartsy. We will check it out sooner or later but I agree about the fries, it should be default with a burger.

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  2. Michael is a great chef, but very humble. The milk shakes sound great.


  3. koolaidmoms

    Thanks for the review. Will probably still head there sometime but not going to rush over as a must do.


  4. I find it interesting to read about other locale’s cuisine. The spiked milkshake sounds like a bad twist on an Irish cream! (Although a malted milk with vodka… hmmmm!)

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