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Friday Foodie: Repeal

I love birthday dinners. And trying new restaurants. So, when my delightful friend Sarah offered to take me out for a belated birthday dinner, I was stoked to try Fletcher Place’s Repeal. I have only just started to hear buzz about it, so I was surprised to learn that it opened last summer. Located in a restored bank building, it shares space with neighboring 12.05 Distillery. Antique furniture, a large chandelier, and vintage cocktails work to present a throw-back feel to the Prohibition Era.

I enjoyed the dim lighting, however, the open spaces were a bit drafty with limited warmth coming from anywhere else in the room. The restaurant was very quiet, which could be a combination of being a week night and being a newly discovered gem.


Even though the atmosphere could have been more inviting, the aspect that confused me most was the menu. I couldn’t quite figure it out: wings, nachos, cheese fries, Mexican cobb salad, Texas melt, lemon fried chicken? I read somewhere online that the food had some ’30’s and ’40’s inspiration, but this looked more like a Tex/Mex toss-up. I ordered the chili with a side of onion rings and Sarah ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. It tasted fine, but was a bit random. I missed the cohesiveness and consistency among the items and they felt out of place in the classical building. Items were pretty affordable, though, which was definitely a plus!


I think the owners are on to something, but could really make it great with warmer, closer seating and a few adjustments to the menu. It’s getting great reviews online, though, so maybe I’m the one missing something, not them. I’ll check back. 🙂

Has anyone else stopped by?

Lindsay Sig

3 comments on “Friday Foodie: Repeal

  1. Well, at least the food was tasty. Sounds like the restaurant owners interpreted the phrase “eclectic menu” as “we can serve whatever we want with no rhyme or reason”.


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