Ode to Girl Scout Cookies


This is dedicated to the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana:

Oh, Girl Scout Cookies,

I like you.

You show up once a year

and I’m still not sure how your business model works

because I would buy cookies more times a year.

But, that is probably a good thing.

Husband said you contain too much sugar

and that five boxes is enough to buy.

I got more cash, though (and I never get cash, so feel special),

so I will be prepared if I just happen to accidentally bump into you while out.

I tried to use the Cookie Locator,

but it led me astray.

And it appears you no longer go door-to-door.

But I’ll still support you.

It’s my civic duty, after all.

I do believe in supporting strong women.

And in my community. And in the power of strong business skills.

And in delicious cookies.

You keep doing you, cookies.

Thank you for your service.

Until next year,

Lindsay Sig

9 comments on “Ode to Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Mmmm I literally JUST took some thin mint brownies out of the oven! (You just crush up a sleeve of thin mints, mix it into brownie batter, and bake!) They smell so good!! It took ALL of my willpower not to eat all the cookies straight out of the box!


  2. surfertpanda

    I bought some Girl Scout cookies recently, this is an awesome poem! I love the thin mints!


  3. I love your tribute to GS cookies! lol.


  4. rhoffnagle

    Luckily they freeze well so I can stock up on tons of boxes and pull them out year round!


  5. You Rock!! They are amazing and it helps our girls do so many great things and go so many places. I read a few minutes ago that “calories don’t count when it is for a good cause” I think I may go with that. šŸ™‚

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