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Indy Guide: CycleBar Carmel

Cycle bars are a fitness craze that I’ve read about in fashion magazines and watched on Kimmy Schimdt. I know they exist, but only in glamorous towns like New York City or LA. It usually takes Indy a couple years to catch the latest trends, so I was crazy excited when I heard a radio ad heralding the grand opening of our very own cycle center.

So, I had to go. I wanted to see the darkened rooms, the charismatic instructors, and the all-knowing score board in real life. Cycle bars are known for their hip music, relevant technology, and amazing results. Spin class at a whole new level. CycleBar Carmel, here I come! (the free intro class was a bit of a motivation)

The Love Bungalow, Cycle Bar, Indianapolis

The result? Pretty much up to my expectations. Prior to class, I filled out a brief online registration, complete with a waiver. I was able to pick my bike location in advance of class (far in the back!). Upon arrival, I was given bike shoes (wish they had wide sizes!) and a towel, along with complimentary locker usage and a water bottle. I initially struggled with attaching my shoes and figuring out the different levels, but after that, it was pretty self-explanatory.

The instructor came out, the music turned on, and off I went! Pedaling and panting and sweating and trying to keep up! I looked forward to the occasional music videos to distract me from the pain and suffering. I chose not to have my results live fed to the screen at the front, but I did enjoy watching my friends climb the electronic ladder of athletic success. The workout continued for about an hour with a mixture of endurance and hillclimbing challenges along with some minor (not enough!) weight lifting.

The Love Bungalow, CycleBar, Indianapolis

Overall, I thought it was awesome. Exhausting and tiring, but awesome. I think the instructor could have exuded a bit more power and energy and I would have appreciated more use of the weight bar, but I would definitely go again…if it wasn’t in Carmel and if it wasn’t so expensive ($14-$20 a ride, depending on your package). They are currently offering a Groupon, but I still haven’t committed. I’ve heard rumors of another location opening in Traders Point, so I’ll keep an eye out for future free classes.

Anyone else hopped on the CycleBar trend?

Lindsay Sig

4 comments on “Indy Guide: CycleBar Carmel

  1. YEA for you and friends! I’m more of an outside person myself, but our local YMCA has spinning classes. Great photos!


  2. How are your legs? I don’t think I could walk (or sit) for a good day or two after my first attempt at a spin class!


  3. Wooo! Sounds like a great ride;)

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