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Indy Guide: Decorators’ Show House

I’ve heard a rumor that spring is coming, although you wouldn’t know it from the frost on my windshield this morning. I will continue to welcome its presence, though, because with spring comes fun events! Like neighborhood home tours and art fairs and one of my new favorite activities: the annual Decorators’ Show House.

I’m pretty sure this event has been movin’ and groovin’ since before I was born (Since 1961, actually), but I was only lucky enough to hear about it last year and it is now on THE LIST of my “Indianapolis Must-Do’s.” “What is it?”, you might want to know. It is the yearly overhaul of one of Indianapolis’ most gorgeous historic homes by some of the best decorators in the city. Like complete overhaul: new paint, new tile, new curtains, new doorknobs, new lamps, and new furniture…you get the idea. Once completed, it is open for two weeks for the city to explore, gawk, and be inspired by all the latest interior decorating trends.

Decorators Show Home

And the best part? All money raised goes to charity. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild hosts the event and uses the entrance fee ($20) earnings to support Eskenazi Hospital downtown. The movers donate their time. The paint company donates their time. The decorators donate their time…You understand: lots of donations. And months of prep work! But with such a beautiful result!

Each room has a docent who shares information about house and explains the before and after pictures. You explore at your leisure and take notes about all the changes you plan to make to your own house as soon as you get home. It’s the perfect mother/daughter event and I plan to take my mom every year from now until infinity. While we walked through, I mentally imagined my future dream house while she decided on new wall colors (which will be gray, apparently). 🙂


The house is only open for short part of the year (usually right before Mother’s Day), so mark your calendars! I’ve heard of other cities doing something similar for fundraisers. I can’t wait to see what house is chosen for next year! Anyone else been to a decorators’ show house?

Lindsay Sig

10 comments on “Indy Guide: Decorators’ Show House

  1. What a cool idea! Definitely a worthy Mother’s Day tradition!

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  2. So, great you do this. I visit my best friend in Oregon annually and we ALWAYS make Street of Dreams apart of the girlfriends weekend. This will mark the tenth year for us.


  3. So fun and lots of great inspiration to be had! There used to be a lot of model homes in our area when they were building like crazy from mid 90s to about 2006 in Northern Virginia. Used to love walking through those and getting inspiration. Love that you did this Decorator Show House with your Mom for Mother’s Day.


  4. So cool…wonder if they have something similar where we live? Definitely worth looking into! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  5. It’s a great idea. Sometimes, states have other home tours, such as at Christmas, etc., though I’ve never been. I love home decor!


  6. Just beautiful what a wonderful house!

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