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Friday Foodie: The Golden

This restaurant is now closed. 

Let’s talk about downtown Fort Wayne for a second. I grew up there, moved away, and all of a sudden (actually 10 years later), there’s all this crazy new development! Like this whole new Ash Skyline Plaza which hosts, among many other things, The Golden. I didn’t even know the building was coming and then, whoop, there it is! Since I like to be in the know of all things related to the Hoosier food scene, I knew I had to make a visit. I thank my lovely in-laws for letting me talk them into checking it out during one of our most recent visits.

So, what is The Golden? Well, I knew it was run by some pretty cool chefs from an already awesome restaurant and I knew their tagline was “The Golden is creative. The Golden is the standard. The Golden is for everyone”, but that didn’t really give me much to go on. Once I arrived, I got some new descriptors, like “farm to table” and “rotating menu” and such. After looking at the menu, I suppose I might classify it as “New American.” Lots of vegetables, lots of pimento cheese, and lots of animal parts being used in unique ways.


Husband and I started the evening with some morel mushrooms and some cheese. We both moved on to ribeye steak with asparagus and even more mushrooms and then rounded out the evening with an order of Sweet Biscuits (aka strawberry shortcake). All in all, a pretty solid showing. The food was good, but nothing I will think about tomorrow. Or crave to the point of begging Husband to take me the next time we are in Fort Wayne. It was just good. But the atmosphere? Different story. Hot, hip, and cool. Loud, bustling, and happening. Succulents on the tables and hipsters pouring the drinks. Patio seating with a great view of all the downtown residents enjoying date night.


Would I go there again just for the food? No. But would I go again for a night out with friends or to entertain a visiting guest? Or just to feel cool? Absolutely.

After all, The Golden is for everyone 🙂

Lindsay Sig

5 comments on “Friday Foodie: The Golden

  1. Fort Wayne! My dad is from nearby Huntington! Really nice review, also!


  2. Have you ever thought about doing a Hoosier food review for the Indianapolis Star?? You’d be great at it, I bet cha! (In fact, I DARE you to try it!)


  3. Wow that’s looks amazing!

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