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Tasting Tuesday: Skewers

When I hosted my church’s Vision Team for a cookout last year, I served several dishes in little jars and they were so popular that I wanted a fresh idea for this year. I drummed around on Pinterest and decided this was the year for skewers! Or kabobs, as they were called in the 90’s. So, I served everything on a stick. Like the fair. And poked my fingers a million times. And it was fun.

The nicest thing about skewers is they are so simple and don’t require complicated recipes. You can pretty much follow along the picture for a cooking guide.

For appetizers, I served Rainbow Fruit Skewers dipped in vanilla yogurt along with Antipasto Tomato Skewers.



For the main course, I grilled and served Greek Lemon Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce along with marinated vegetables. My guests added various side dishes.


For dessert: Strawberry Shortcake on a stick!


All tasty good fun, but I will say that last year’s jars seemed to be a bit more popular. Overall, though, skewers made for a fun summer dinner that kept me away from the stove and present in the company of my guests.

Anyone else have fun skewer recipes?

Lindsay Sig

14 comments on “Tasting Tuesday: Skewers

  1. Those look amazing! I can’t wait to try some


  2. This is such a stunning idea Lindsay ! 🙂


  3. I love skewer foods! The dessert looks delicous, I can’t wait to try it at my next party!


  4. Oh my! These are fantastic! What a great idea! These are filled with color and they look so tantalizing. Good job! Blessings.

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  5. These all look so amazing! I want to make them all!


  6. The skewers look amazing and what a fantastic idea for an event/party!


  7. Omg I’m going to make those Tortellini skewers 😋. You might enjoy these skewers


  8. I love anything kabab! yum!!

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  9. Those are really great skewer ideas!


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