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Friday Foodie: Mr. Tequila’s Cantina & Grill

We all know by now that I love tacos. So, I used Devour Downtown as an excuse for Husband to take me to get “sale” tacos. It worked, by the way, so I picked Mr. Tequila’s because I knew they sold tacos and I wanted to try somewhere new. The restaurant is in Fletcher Place, close to downtown, so I was hoping it was going to give some competition to some of my other local favorites: Adobo Grill and La Margarita.

Sadly, the website and description were misleading because this was not the case. Mr. Tequila’s is not the elevated Mexican food that I have come to love so much, but is pretty much like every run-of-the-mill food place that you can find anywhere with a large, undiscerning menu. We were going to order the 3-course Devour menu, but changed our minds when we realized entrees at this location were more like a $8.99 situation, so we skipped the $20 a person menu and lived without the bean soup.


I ordered the chicken chimichanga with a side of queso and Husband ordered a quesadilla. Nothing I would need to return for. The restaurant was quiet, especially for a Saturday night, and service was satisfactory. The interior atmosphere was also bland with an outdoor faded sign that doesn’t portray the new restaurant in an accurate light. It seems like an average place that will often be overlooked, probably with good reason.

Anyone else have a different opinion?

Lindsay Sig

2 comments on “Friday Foodie: Mr. Tequila’s Cantina & Grill

  1. All I know is that it looks AMAZING!


  2. Oh dear – that all sounds very mediocre and disappointing.. I hope your next Foodie Friday choice turns out better! Enjoy a brilliant weekend – it can only improve by the sound of it! x


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