Foodie Friday: Rebar Indy

Let’s talk about Rebar-Indy’s “new” downtown place to get your drink on and I say “new” because it used to be Paddy’s Legal Beagle and was a frequent stopping point for attorneys working the city-county building circuit since it’s basically across the street. But, Paddy’s closed and Rebar Indy opened with a new industrial feel in the small surroundings. Advertising as Indy’s “modern local”, Rebar is hoping to attract the young professional crowd while still paying homage to what made the location popular in the first place.

Let’s start with the weird part first. It is directly attached to a 24/7 bail bonds location, which can either be charming or uncomfortable, depending on your point of view. But you definitely have to walk through a long line of people waiting for a bail bond while you’re waiting to get a drink. It’s an odd/probably sobering clash of worlds.

Atmosphere is cool, but there is only so much space, so it got busy to the point of being uncomfortable as the night went on.


Now, let’s move to the food. Rebar’s feature is their “pour your own beer” wall located at the back where you use a card to sample as much or as little from the beers on tap. Cool concept that I’ve seen a lot in the wine world, but not as much for beer. Too bad I don’t like beer. I do like fries, though, and I was excited about the 3 fry sauces (Bloody Mary, curry, and house blend) that accompanied my order. Sadly, none of them really stood out. I also ordered some hamburger sliders, but they were super bland, like a piece of dried meat on a bun. Fine when you’re starving or intoxicated, but not fine for a foodie dinner.

BUT THEY DO HAVE ADULT MILKSHAKES! And that was exciting! But they brought me the wrong one and it was honestly so sweet that I couldn’t finish it. And then the sliders and fries started going to war in my stomach and I started to regret my decision of coming downtown and began that “I’m sick” mental conversation where you promise to only eat salads for the rest of your life. (My friend ordered pork sliders and felt the same thing.)


So, we went home. But not until the staff tossed my leftovers! Like I had them boxed up and then they disappeared off my table and I didn’t get to take them to Husband. Sad.

Conclusion? Cool concept, interesting location, but best to hit up on a random Tuesday night. And skip the sliders.

Lindsay Sig

3 comments on “Foodie Friday: Rebar Indy

  1. If you felt sick maybe they did your husband a favor by tossing the leftovers ;).


  2. Great feature shot. Thanks for the likes

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