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Friday Foodie: Louie’s Wine Dive and Ripple Kitchen

If you’ve been to my friendly neighborhood of Broad Ripple, you soon will realize the area is pretty much overrun with brew houses and beer food. Our whole main strip is pretty much one place to watch the game after another. It’s great when you’re 22 and want cheese fries, but not so great when you’re looking for a quiet date night spot. That’s why I was excited to see Louie’s Wine Dive and Ripple Kitchen move in to an empty storefront on the corner. Classy food and wine?! Such a welcome addition!

But, it turns out to not be as welcome as I was hoping. For starters, Louie’s is a chain (I knew there was one on Mass Ave, but didn’t realize it was a national thing). Sadly, chains (in my experience) tend to bring several things I don’t like that include standard decor, uninspired food, and average service. I was pretty spot-on because Louie’s included all of those things.


I was lured in after a coupon sent to my house that advertised BOGO tacos and you KNOW that I love tacos, but the menu only serves pork and shrimp tacos and neither one was really speaking to me. (Side note: seemed a little strange that the wine restaurant would be advertising their tacos since they occupy such a small place on the menu, but whatever) Louie’s is supposed to have elevated twists on comfort food, but I found the menu a bit too eclectic for my taste. The appetizers boasted deviled eggs and black pepper calamari while dinner was a mix of burgers, fish n’ chips, and assorted pasta dishes. I’m not quite sure what I wanted Louie’s to be, but I think I was hoping for a little more Chicken Alfredo and a little less Pork Gnocchi. My friend and I split some appetizers (meatballs and cheese curds) before heading out for something a little more substantial somewhere else.

I’m not saying it’s terrible, but I am saying it’s a little boring and flat. And since I live next to my favorite Italian restaurant that also serves wine, I think I’ll keep my high expectations and keep going there.

Anyone else tried Louie’s?

Lindsay Sig

5 comments on “Friday Foodie: Louie’s Wine Dive and Ripple Kitchen

  1. Never tried it before, but I’ll keep your review in mind if I’m ever in the area.


  2. I usually prefer the Mom and Pop shops myself. At least you had a coupon;)

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  3. The Lavenders Longshot

    Agreed! We tried the one on Mass Ave. Womp Womp.
    Ps. My in-laws own Cerulean here downtown. You should give it a try. It is pretty fancy in the evening but their lunches are down to earth and tasty.


    • So cool that your in-laws own Cerulean! We’ve been there several times for dinner, but never for lunch. I’ll definitely have to try it sometime. Do they own the one in Winona Lake, as well? We go there every 4th of July for some reason. 🙂


      • The Lavenders Longshot

        Awesome! I’m so glad you have been! Yes they do! They also own Light Rail, the little coffee shop right there in Winona. It is a gem as well! Thanks for supporting our family!

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