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Hosting Series: Friendsgiving (2016)

Friendsgiving is quickly moving up my ladder of favorite holidays. There is something so beautiful about bringing together the important people in your life in one room to laugh and share stories and eat really good food. As my biological family starts to spread across the world and see each other less and less, I’ve really started to appreciate some of the friendships I’ve been fortunate to make in Indianapolis since it has truly become my home.

Photo by Kaboom Pics, Creative Commons

This year promised to be a larger Friendsgiving with more RSVP’s than plates, but I solved that situation with a quick Crate & Barrel run. And then there was the borrowing of tablecloths…and the chairs. BUT! I do have my own napkins and napkin rings now, so I’m really moving up in the world. I spent an embarrassing amount of class time researching recipes and making grocery lists. I also sort of cleaned my house (don’t check the closets). I downloaded some Thanksgiving Mad Libs and gave everyone a question to answer at the dinner table. My friend, Nicole, offered a beautiful prayer reminding us about the importance of creating space for community moments. And we ate food! Wonderful, delicious food!

Caraway lemon turkey and cream cheese mashed potatoes and pomegranate cosmopolitans and bacon-wrapped dates and cinnamon squash and stuffed mushrooms and fried apples and rum pumpkin pie and other delicious things that I have been dreaming about ever since. We chatted and played games for hours and I laughed the hardest that I’ve laughed in months.

I’m thankful for Friendsgiving. And now I get a year to plan for next time!

Anyone else hosting/attending Friendsgiving?

Lindsay Sig

13 comments on “Hosting Series: Friendsgiving (2016)

  1. What a wonderful idea and attitude. I am with family in Denver but if I were in Portland, I would host a “Friendsgiving” dinner. Hugs, Lori

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  2. We host a Friends Thanksgiving every year and it has also become one of my favorite holidays. As hosts we always cook the turkey and then do a pot luck for the rest. It has been a lovely way to taste traditional dishes from other families which then lead to memorable stories. LOVE the questions/mad libs that you posted. As a former teacher I always appreciate a good activity for the group. Cheers! –Deb

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  3. We have a combined friends/thanksgiving with family and friends. Our table is always welcome and has ranged from 14 to 40 throughout the years.As my children are growing up and moving out, they are continuing the tradition, and it makes this mama’s heart really happy. What a beautiful way to cherish friends, community, relationships. I hope you keep it up. By the way, had to make a quick trip up to Indianapolis last weekend…it is a beautiful city! Hugs to you!

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  4. Sounds fun, like the sound of those games, kind of old-fashioned in a good way!

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  5. This sounds like a great idea!
    I love the table setting in the picture.

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