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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Iceland

It’s been eight days since I returned to my bungalow from the beautiful goodness of Iceland. It’s been my dream to go to Iceland way before it was cool-it was actually a quiz question on a “How well do you know Lindsay?” game at my 14th birthday as my #1 travel destination. I ended up going a few more places before making it to the land of fire and ice, but the timing ended up being pretty perfect (we have Instagram now!) My mom (remember her from her awesome guest post?) and I have this awesome tradition where we go on a fabulous trip every couple of years. Iceland marked four years since our last trip to Ireland and Scotland and now I can’t imagine waiting FOUR MORE WHOLE YEARS before another trip together because we always have the best time and laugh and laugh and explore everything.

Iceland, Black Sand Beach, The Love Bungalow

Iceland is the bomb, though. I loved it. Not only is it the most peaceful country in the world, but the people there live longer than anyone else on the planet! They must be doing something (or a few things) right!

Iceland Waterfall, The Love Bungalow

So, let’s talk about why you should go:

  1. It’s gorgeous. Like legit.
  2. Even with all the recent tourism, most of the land is still pretty untouched. It really feels like you’re getting away with quiet drives, tiny towns, and zero billboards.
  3. SO RELAXING! Natural hot springs are everywhere and you can begin and end your day with a warm soak.
  4. The Northern Lights! Seeing the Northern Lights was such an incredible experience-I cried! Nothing else really compares to this beautiful natural phenomenon.
  5. Food. We were able to enjoy a meal at DILL, Iceland’s only Michelin-starred restaurant and it was, for real, the best meal of my life. So in love with the new Nordic food scene and the involved culture and ancient food practices.
  6. Did I mention it’s gorgeous??

Iceland in Winter, The Love Bungalow

Those are just a few of the many reasons you should go, but overall, it was an amazing trip. Feel free to reach out if you’re planning a visit and I’ll fill you in on more of our highlights.

Winter Iceland, The Love Bungalow

It’s back to study time for me. Happy travel planning!

Lindsay Sig

31 comments on “5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Iceland

  1. Iceland is on my bucket list. Enjoyed your post!

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  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m going to have to look into going now.


  3. Very Nice! Have to get to Iceland, Thanks for the great post!

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  4. So beautiful. This rough nature! Loce the pics

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  5. Loved Iceland as well!! Darn, didn’t get to check out Dill.


  6. So glad you took the time to do this self care times ten 😊


  7. The photos are breathtakingly gorgeous! Never been to Iceland, but I can see how one would want to stay there forever and not want to leave. It seems to be really cold though!


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  9. Beautiful! We’ve been thinking about going to Iceland long time. Now that we live closer it again, we really should do it. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I really enjoyed reading this, I went to Iceland last year and just can’t explain how amazing it is, although I am trying to write about it on my blog! I love reading posts about it to relive it all 🙂 everyone should go there at least once!


  11. Agreed, Iceland is lovely 😊
    I went in January this year and had a few adventures, documented on my recent posts!


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  13. We loved it when we went last year. Hoping to go back next year and complete the whole ring road. Just need to save enough money… 😬


  14. Beautiful pictures!

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  15. I will be going in November! So excited!!!


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