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Indy Guide: 5 Places to Meet-Up with Friends

I love going out with friends. Nothing caps off a long work day like knowing you will soon have the company of listening ears and fresh margaritas. Since many of my friends are busy having babies or traveling the country, my spontaneous evening meet-ups have become a bit more scheduled, but I’ll still take them. Today, I’m sharing my top restaurants in Indianapolis for good eats and lively times with your weekday besties and weekend visitors. Enjoy!

Photo by La Mulita
  1. La Mulita. I really need to win an award for the “Most Friends Introduced” to this SoBro spot because it is my routine go-to for amazing tacos, cocktails, and sweet potato crisps. I also need a rewards card because I would really be racking up the free stuff here. It’s that good and yes, everyone knows me here.
  2. The Eagle. This downtown fried chicken delight has a sister location in Cincinnati, so I guess it’s technically a chain, but it has such a yummy menu that I don’t care. They offer so many chicken dishes and sides at reasonable prices that it makes dinner easy to share and keeps my bill pretty low. Great patio seating and fast service. Expect a wait on the weekends with no reservation options, but it’s worth it.
  3. Union 50. I really just go here for the fancy fries with dipping sauces, but the long tables and frequent live music make it a great Mass Ave spot for bringing a crowd. The industrial vibe makes it feel like you have actually “gone out,” without having to be super dressed up. Also a long weekend wait, but you can make reservations!
  4. Festiva. We’re back to Mexican food again, but it’s my favorite, so it gets two placements on my list. This new-ish restaurant near Herron-Morton Place neighborhood offers creative and flavorful takes on classic dishes in a festive, cheerful setting.
  5. BARcelona Tapas Restaurant. This downtown classic is just fun. You can order multiple small plates to share, taste, and pass around (the goat cheese is my favorite!). It’s a pretty casual environment and not necessarily fancy food, but I always feel like a party when I sit down and love bringing friends from out of town to sample some new flavors.

There you go! Where else should I be going with friends?

Lindsay Sig

2 comments on “Indy Guide: 5 Places to Meet-Up with Friends

  1. Thanks for the info on restaurants in Indy.i want to do either a Colts or Pacers game and these give me ideas on where to eat. Thanks


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