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Friday Foodie: (Downtown Indianapolis) Whole Foods

Hi, friends,

Husband and I are currently in the midst what shall be referred to as “that really busy year when we did homework for 16 hours a day.” Our whole life right now is filled with studying for tests, writing clinical reports, and preparing for residency applications. I always, always have things to do and have to make a cost/benefit analysis when deciding to do anything fun that isn’t for school. I’m now trying to remember why I thought it was a good idea to join the Junior League and church committees and bloggers groups because I can’t go to ANYTHING right now! The point of sharing this? Just that I’m tired and grumpy and really, really want a day off where I don’t feel guilty for ignoring so many items on my “to do” list. I keep reminding myself that 2018 is the “hard work” year and 2019 will be the “reward” year, but it’s still only April. We have a lot of 2018 left.

In conclusion, Husband reminded me that I haven’t blogged in a while so I reminded him that I’m up until midnight every night trying to get a PhD and then we both remembered that our weekly date night has recently turned into trips to the grocery store and then we reflected back on our last grocery shopping trip at Whole Foods and here we are.

Instant Pot Kits, Whole Foods, Indianapolis
Instant Pot Kits at Whole Foods, Photo by IndyStar

Downtown Indianapolis recently opened a brand-new, super fancy Whole Foods. It has free underground parking and an electric ramp for carts and lots and lots of cheese. I like cheese, so I promptly told Husband we were going shopping. In the snow. Because apparently, Indianapolis likes to keep snowing in April. But that’s for another blog post.

Seeing is really believing with this grocery store because it seems like somewhere you could spend the whole day. There are breakfast pastries and a macaroon bar and hot pizza and fresh coffee and a mini-restaurant and a tap room and coolers of mochi ice-cream and really everything else you could think of. They carry cups of pre-cut smoothie ingredients so you can just add liquid and blend at home and Instant Pot kits with pre-cut meats and vegetables, but who needs to go home when you can just meet up with your friends over a hot burger and beer on-site? And it’s across from a YMCA, so I don’t think downtown people will really have to ever go anywhere else for the essentials of life.

Bulk Items, Downtown Indianapolis, Whole Foods
Bulk Items at Whole Foods, Photo by IndyStar

The verdict? Everything was just OK. The store is lovely and bright and full of fun things and…expensive. Whole Foods (or “Whole Paycheck”, as I’ve affectionately heard some of my friends call it) is known for having healthy, natural, organic, and creative foods, which does not usually mean “cheap.” Husband and I both ordered lunch at the grill while we were shopping and ate in the tap room. I was a little surprised that all the sandwiches came with fries, instead of a fruit, salad, or quinoa option. I wasn’t too impressed with my meal, but I did order a turkey burger, so maybe that was on me. We purchased a variety of items to try at home, but they quickly lost their in-store shine with lack of flavor in both my Instant Pot meal kit and smoothie cup.

Tap Room at Whole Foods, Photo by IndyStar

Overall? I just don’t really see myself returning to Whole Foods. It’s nice that they carry 100 kinds of cheese, but I’m usually satisfied with the 99 options at my local grocery store. And how many times do I need to spend $20 for some organic snack mix and fancy cereals? And how frequently do I want to eat Japanese ice-cream balls? Whole Foods has lots of bells and whistles, but it’s also big and crowded and pricey and makes me miss Trader Joe’s.

Do you have a Whole Foods in your city?

Lindsay Sig

8 comments on “Friday Foodie: (Downtown Indianapolis) Whole Foods

  1. We have some of them in Canada, but they would be quite different. No alcohol, for starters! They are just as notorious for being expensive, though.


    • No alcohol at the Whole Foods in Canada?? Wow! Is there a specific law about that?


      • It’s a Canadian thing. Alcohol can only be sold in licensed liquor stores or beer vendors. It’s different from province to province. Some provinces, only government run stores can sell hard liquor, while there can be private beer vendors (usually in hotel bars). Other provinces are privatized, but you still can’t buy booze outside of a specialty store. I believe Quebec is the only province were you can buy beer (and wine?) at a grocery store.


  2. I just spat my coffee out, because that is what my friends call Whole Paycheck. It is so true. I have one that opened right near me. It is great for somethings or if I am in a bind. But I LOVE Trader Joes. And they have a much better cheese selection (in my opinion!) ❤


    • Hahaha, I agree-if it was next door to me or an emergency, I’m sure I would stop at Whole Foods more often, but I love the options, affordability, and size of Trader Joe’s. Plus all the good cheese!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was sick the last couple of weeks. I think I spent a whole months worth of paychecks at whole paycheck LOL. I wish Trader Joe’s was closer. But I will make the trek any day! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve heard of Whole Foods and seen a few around, but have never visited because I’ve always had a Trader Joe’s nearby. Being a health nut, though, I am interested. The bulk bin section and nut butter shelves in the photo look much more natural and rustic than the bright shelves and multicolored signs of the local Trader’s, but if the prices are as you say, the charm of Whole Foods might not be enough to lure me from the affordability of Trader Joe’s.

    Good luck with the craze of 2018! If you don’t mind my asking, what field are you studying for a PhD?


  4. You will survive this hard year I did 😊Now this post was hilarious I agree with you about Whole Paycheck it’s the story you visit once to say “yeah I been”😂


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