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Friday Foodie: Nada (Revisit)

I first visited Nada TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO! Wow, that went by fast. I wrote about it here and mentioned how I liked it, but wasn’t sure if it would withstand the competition from my other favorite downtown Mexican restaurant across the street. Well, I guess it won the battle because the other restaurant closed and Nada is still standing! I’ve been back a couple of times to meet up with friends and have enjoyed some solid margaritas and guac, but I hadn’t kept up with all the recent menu changes. I was delighted when the manager recently reached out to me and invited me to try their new “Wednesday Getaway” menu.

Nada Wednesday Getaway Menu

Wednesdays can be rough, even for the best of us, and Nada is helping make them a little better. Throughout the summer, they are transporting guests to a Tiki paradise with a special menu. Not gonna lie, I go to so many food events that I’ve become a little skeptical about themed promotions. However, I like any event that serves me Tiki cocktails, so I hopped right over last Wednesday and met a friend for some hump day happy hour drinks and snacks.

Tuna Poke, Nada, Indianapolis, Indiana

Our meal started with a Mango Sea-Duction cocktail ($9) served in THE CUTEST cocktail glasses IN THE WORLD! Next, we were spoiled with a Tiki sampler that included Tuna Poke, Ensalada Nada, Spiced Pineapple, and Crispy Chicken Wings ($18 for sharing size sampler). The food was bright, colorful, and delicious, but my favorite part was the presentation! Our server placed four individual bowls of goodness onto a large palm leaf which was then set on top of a fan mat. This is all happening while tropical music is playing in the background and I’m sipping my delicious drink. The Nada team definitely figured out how to appeal to all of the senses.

Spiced Pineapple, Nada, Indianapolis Food Blog

In summary? The food was delicious. The cocktails were amazing. Our server could not have been more pleasant. I honestly felt like I had gone on a real mini getaway by the end of my relaxing afternoon. This is an awesome new promotion that I hope Nada will keep up throughout the year. We can all use an excuse to celebrate the island lifestyle! And if you’re not a fan of the Tiki sampler, you can always order off their traditional menu with their fan favorites, like tacos, enchiladas, and crispy potatoes. Also, the decor continues to be on point.

Crispy Chicken Wings, Nada, Indianapolis

So, there you go. It’s Tiki time. Go on Wednesdays. You’ll like it.

11 W. Maryland Street
(317) 638-6232

Sunday: 10:30am–10pm
Monday–Thursday: 11am–10pm
Friday: 11am–11pm
Saturday: 10:30am–11pm

Lindsay Sig

4 comments on “Friday Foodie: Nada (Revisit)

  1. The food looks amazing! Good to hear of the great service they gave too, I’m going to put them on my list!


  2. This place sounds amazing! Your pictures are drool worthy! ❤


  3. This Nada sounds like a winner! It takes a special quality to stay aive and popular in the restaurant sector of a busy city like Indianapolis. I agree with you about the cups- so cute and unique! I don’t know about the tiki sampler, but the fried avocado tacos (shown on the menu) intrigue me. You haven’t by any chance tried them, Lindsay, have you?


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