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Indy Guide: Indy Burger Battle

Hi, Friends,

On my last post, I mentioned that I was trying to finish up my statistics summer class. Well, I may have asked for help from four different people, but I finally got everything turned in and actually did pretty well. And then I promptly got sick. So now I have four days to recover before leaving for EUROPE!! I will take all packing advice since I haven’t even started and will be gone for two weeks.

BUT! Before I leave, there is something cool going on in Indy that I want to tell you about. It’s the annual Indy Burger Battle! This battle is a grilling competition between 15+ local restaurants. Attendees can enjoy burgers, beer, and music while the restaurants grill their burgers on site. Everyone gets to try a slider version of each delicious burger and vote for their favorite. The burger with the most votes is awarded the title of “Indy’s Best Burger” AND all proceeds from the event go to charity. It’s a real win, win.

Indy Burger Battle, Indianapolis, IN

So, all of this is going down this SATURDAY (July 28th) from 1pm-4pm downtown on Georgia Street. Tickets are available here or at the gate, but you should really get them online since prices are higher on Saturday. There are also kiddo tickets available for a reduced rate. Last year’s Critic’s Choice Champion was Flamme Burger and the People’s Choice Champion was Hops and Fire Craft Tap House. Burger Study and Spoke & Steele are in the running this year, so I think there is going to be some pretty fierce competition.

I’m going to make going to this event one step easier for you with a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram! Enter there for a pair of tickets to take you and a friend to eat some burgers. I will probably still be packing for Austria and may not make it over myself, so send me lots of pictures!!

Happy Eating!

Lindsay Sig

2 comments on “Indy Guide: Indy Burger Battle

  1. Yay for passing Stats and yay for europe! But boo for feeling crappy. I hope you feel better soon! This sounds like a dream! I LOVE burgers! ❤


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