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Indy Guide: Delta Flight to Paris (unpaid, honest review)

Guess what, friends?? I’M BACK!! I took a little blogging break to go on a service trip to Austria at the beginning of the month and returned home only to get very sick and have to start back to school. I’ve been a bit distracted from my blogging routine since I’ve been trying to adjust to my new class schedule, jet lag, and the side effects from my three prescription medications. However, I think I am happily on the mend now and am so excited to share all about my adventures.

I thought I would start out by sharing a review of my flight to Vienna. I don’t usually review my air travel, but this is an exception because Indianapolis JUST got a direct flight to Paris THIS YEAR! Since this flight is now basically Indy’s guide to Europe, it’s pretty exciting. I’m pretty sure I need to go to Paris just about every weekend and am VERY happy to have an easy way to get there. The older I get, the more I appreciate peaceful, direct flights. Since I was going to Europe anyway, I thought I HAD to try this new Indianapolis addition and figure out how to get to Vienna by way of Paris (spoiler alert: it was very easy).

Indianapolis Direct Flight to Paris

And here’s how it went. Let’s start with praise for our Indianapolis airport. I never realize how much I appreciate my local airport until I visit other airports. It’s pretty nice. It’s clean, it has plenty of bathrooms, and it keeps the lines moving. What else could you want in an airport? Since I have a Delta card, I was able to use priority check-in, so dropping off my bag was an easy task because I had already checked-in online. Husband has been trying to talk me into shelling out for TSA’s pre-check to get through security faster, but I’ve honestly never been held up by security before. It seems kind of a silly use of my $75 if it’s only saving me 5-10 minutes of line time, but to each their own. I got through security so fast that I had time to stop for some shrimp at Harry & Izzy’s while waiting to board.

And now let’s talk about the plane. To start, it’s huge. And clean and lovely. My sister and I shelled out an extra $100 roundtrip for the “Comfort+” experience, which meant more leg room, larger TV screens, dedicated overhead space, AND unlimited beer, wine, and spirits throughout the trip. Since this was an 8+ hour trip, that $100 really paid for itself. We got better seats due to the Comfort+ and then also chose to sit in an emergency exit row, so I had leg room for DAYS! Our seats were SO comfortable and came complete with a mini travel kit that included an eye mask and toothbrush. And did I mention the movie selection? If you’ve traveled with me before, you know that I take my in-flight movies very seriously. This flight won the award for “best movie options” and I had such a hard time choosing which films to prioritize since I only had 8 hours to watch them! I felt so relaxed by our seating arrangements and decided that maybe I should now live on this plane.

Leg room, Delta Flight Indy to Paris

And that was before the food! THEY KEEP FEEDING US! And had hot towel service! And brought us water bottles in between meals! And we could ring for more drinks AT ANY TIME! We had a welcome snack, a hot dinner, and an arrival breakfast. The dinner included so much food that I couldn’t eat it all and had to save some for my post-dinner/pre-breakfast snack.

You know I had to check out the bathrooms…several times. They were very clean and had a lovely eucalyptus smell. Our dedicated flight attendants checked on us and were friendly throughout the flight. I think all the travel excitement kept me from sleeping and I ended up being very groggy during my Paris layover, but my in-flight experience was pretty much the best. I’m going to be all about Delta now and think the Comfort+ experience is going to be a “must-have” for all future flights. I’m happy I got my Delta card for more frequent flier miles, priority check-in, and priority boarding. And yes, this sounds like a total ad and I honestly wish they would give me money for this review so I can FLY TO PARIS AGAIN!!

Delta Airlines breakfast food, Paris flight

So, now you know. Paris is calling. Take the direct flight from Indy. The Paris airport was a little rough, but apparently everyone except for me knew that already. The plane was surprisingly pretty empty, so I’m hoping it becomes a popular route because I would hate to lose this valuable Indianapolis resource.

I’m excited to share more about my trip and my back-to-school life in future posts. Until then, I’ll be scanning my Delta app looking for more travel deals. Happy flying!

Lindsay Sig

7 comments on “Indy Guide: Delta Flight to Paris (unpaid, honest review)

  1. Sounds as if your trip got off to a great start.


  2. Delta and JetBlue are the two airlines I fly. I will never (unless I am abroad) fly anything else. I have had such amazing experiences with both, and the food is yummy! I am glad you had such a great trip! Direct flights are the way to go not to mention they are usually cheaper 🙂 ❤


  3. My first inflight read by anyone and believe you me, I never thought it could be fodder for an exciting write up. Cheers !


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