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Indy Holiday Guide: A Christmas Carol at the Indiana Repertory Theatre


Let us take a moment to stop and give thanks because I MADE IT THROUGH MY FINALS! AND I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE SEMESTER LEFT OF MY PHD PROGRAM! I always know in my mind that I’ll get everything done, but each year, my head has to remind the rest of my body of this fact to avoid going into panic mode. It was a busy semester, but everything wrapped up well and I am thankful for all the love and support I received from my friends and family as I am now one step closer to my PhD goal.

Now, on to wrapping up my Indianapolis Holiday Guide, which is hopefully giving everyone ideas of how to celebrate the season with your loved ones in my favorite city. I will definitely not get to every festive event, but I’m hoping to highlight a few ones that Husband and I keep going back to year after year. PLEASE let me know what traditions I am missing or what other local events you would like to see reviewed on the blog.

A Christmas Carol, Indiana Repertory Theatre
Photo by the Indiana Repertory Theatre

I’d like to begin with talking about the Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT) because it has really become an incredible part of my life. They offer this AMAZING deal for students called an Encore Pass, which costs $50 per year and gets you into every show as MANY times as you want to see it! Seeing the entire season of IRT productions has now become an incredible source of joy for Husband and me as we have a monthly date night activity at a price point that is very happy for our student budgets. We’ve enjoyed Shakespeare and musicals and Indiana writers and historical fiction and children’s classics and way more over the last couple of years. We try to talk all of our friends into also buying these Encore Passes, but I don’t think our friends are theater nerds like we are… Anyway, all this to say: please support the IRT. They have kept this blogger full of culture and discussion topics for the last four years.

Now, on to A Christmas Carol. You know the story, but it’s a good story, so the folks of Indianapolis keep bringing their families to see the story play out live on stage year after year. I keep thinking that people will get tired of it, but nope, tickets keep selling out! And the IRT adds on fun family-friendly events before and after the seasonal show, such as watching carolers, petting reindeer, and getting your picture taken in front of their Christmas tree. Husband and I just went last weekend and we were reminded again of the power of the timeless story and how it connects with issues in our world today. This isn’t a tradition that I go to EVERY year, but Husband and I have decided that we need to soak up the important messages from this play at least every couple of years.

So, now you know. If you haven’t gone before, now is your time. Tickets start at $25. The show runs for 90 minutes with no intermission and is appropriate for all ages. You can learn more and find out about all the pre- and post-show events here. You can also download a coloring page for your kiddos and read about their upcoming sensory friendly performance on 12/26. There is still over a week left of performances, so you have plenty of time to gather the family and join in the fun. Husband and I LOVE the IRT and we think you will too.

Merry, merry!

Lindsay, Indianapolis Food Blogger

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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to wrap up studies for the term. My PhD daughter said she was taking the day off after handing in her last paper before studying for comprehensive exams in January. No idea how she will spend the day.


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