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Friday Foodie: Cholita Taqueria and TikiTiki Longue

Nothing says “It’s 4 days until Christmas” like TACOS! Tacos are just what you need to get you in the holiday spirit or at least what you need to get a break from all of the Christmas cookies and eggnog. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love tacos. You may also know that my Indianapolis neighborhood of Broad Ripple has A LOT of taco options. Like really. SO MANY TACOS. But can you ever have too many tacos?? The owners of newly-opened Cholita think not!

Cholita has taken the frequently-changing spot right on Broad Ripple Ave that has hosted several other restaurants over the last couple of years, including a Midwestern comfort food cravings spot and a boozy night club. I’m always excited to eat tacos, but I’m also hesitant to waste my time on what seems to be a revolving door destination. Lucky for them, my friends talked me into meeting up there before I realized where it was located. Cholita offers chef-driven tacos with farm-to-table meats and homemade tortillas on the top level of the restaurant and a groovy Tiki bar in the basement. A funny combo? Maybe. But maybe the same people who like tacos also like Tiki bars?

Cholita Tacos, Broad Ripple, Indianapolis food blog

Husband and I met up with friends for a double date on a rainy weeknight and were told it would be a 5-10 minute wait for a table, so we headed downstairs to check out the Tiki bar. We were the only ones there, so we were able to quickly order drinks and have a look around. The decor was pretty basic compared to the other new Tiki bar in town and the drink menu was not as dramatic or interesting. My Pain Killer drink ($10) was pretty tasty, but also pretty light on the booze. After taking in the music and the low lighting for a few minutes, we were called back upstairs to be seated at our table.

We started the dinner off with sharing some Queso Fundido with roasted mushrooms ($7). It was delish, but it came with soft dipping tortillas instead of chips, so I felt like I didn’t have enough tortilla to go around. The rest of the menu focused on tacos and our server recommended ordering about three tacos per person, so Husband and I shared six different kinds ($4 each) to get an idea of our favorite flavors. The flavors ran together and I wasn’t sure which taco was which when they arrived, so it was tough to decide which ones I liked best. Thankfully, they were all good. I don’t remember seeing any dessert options, but there was a nice beer/wine/cocktail/tequila list for additional beverages.

Cholita Tacos, Broad Ripple, Indianapolis food blog

Atmosphere was pretty chill-nothing really stood out to me in a positive or negative way. Same with service-it was just fine, but nothing terrible or amazing. Overall impressions? It was nice. I was glad that we got to check out both the taqueria and the tiki bar in one trip so I don’t have to make a return visit to get the full experience. Prices were pretty similar to other taco places in town. They also offer Sunday brunch and Margarita Monday specials. I think I’d recommend skipping the Tiki bar and going straight in for the tacos. It was honestly a little boring and I may not initiate a repeat trip anytime soon, but I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to meet up there again with friends…if it’s still open.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Cholita Taqueria & TikiTiki Longue
1001 Broad Ripple Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 389-5555

Lindsay Sig

3 comments on “Friday Foodie: Cholita Taqueria and TikiTiki Longue

  1. Okay if you order six tacos and the sever doesn’t tell you which is which that is just poor service,and it’s a red flag if you can’t tell them apart after a bite 😂


  2. After all of the lasagna, ham, turkey, gravy, cookies, pies, etc of the holidays… I am downright READY for some tacos! Excellent idea.


  3. A taqueria and a Tiki bar in the same building? What a combo. We used to have the Tiki Tiki Room here some 40 years ago. My wife and I were frequent visitors then. They had fun drinks and the best dry ribs in town. Alas, they are long gone. Allan


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