I’m feeling hurried today. Maybe a little disorganized and anxious, as well. I try to keep the bungalow safe from these feelings, but sometimes they creep in, reminding me of exactly how many positive factors are required for my desired lifestyle. I want to bring travel to my experiences and into my home, but sometimes travel is tricky. Like delayed passports, canceled itineraries, sold-out shows, lost sleeping bags, calls to credit card company, arrangements with phone provider, and miscommunications tricky.

So, I brought order to today’s chaos. I baked banana bread. It will bring joy to my road trip companions and to my small group and to Husband’s co-workers and eventually, to me. And maybe while it’s baking, I’ll look for my suitcase and throw a couple dishes in the dishwasher. And then while it’s cooling, I’ll take some deep breaths and fold some laundry. And later, when it’s being sampled, I can kiss Husband and savor all my sweet blessings that led to travel and friends and the bungalow.

Lindsay Sig

P.S. Here’s the unedited final result


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