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Roommates, Part #1

I ran into my roommate from freshman year of college yesterday. We're neighbors now.

I ran into my roommate from freshman year of college yesterday. We’re neighbors now.

I try to block out most of college. Awkward times. I was fresh off the Duggar-farm with a suitcase full of long skirts, courtship books, and legalistic theology.

My unsuspecting roommate was packing a serious case of typical freshman spirit, complete with late nights, parties, alcohol, and boys.

We clashed.

I reported that poor girl for everything. We were at a Christian school, after all. We spent the second half of freshman year resenting each other in angry silence. After the last day of packing up our dorm, we never spoke again.

I’ve changed a bit since. Hopefully, a little more understanding, a little more compassionate, and a little more full of grace. Maybe my behaviors weren’t necessary wrong, but my attitude towards her definitely was.

I hadn’t thought about her in years, but after our encounter, I wrote her an email. I apologized for being judgmental instead of understanding, for rejoicing in getting her in trouble instead of encouraging her to seek truth, and for acting out of fear instead of love.

I hope she forgives me.

Lindsay Sig

2 comments on “Roommates, Part #1

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  2. Sounds like Christian school paid off and you followed Hebrews 10:17 😉

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