Slowing Down

Balancing Act

A magazine arrived in my mailbox today with a tagline something like “Keys to Finding Balance–it really is possible!” Another one I read last week discussed tips for “having it all”, since apparently this is a desire we still ascribe to. Yesterday, as I skipped a work meeting to make dessert for small group and then skipped small group to spend time with a friend, I decided that my idea of balance looks much more like a ferris wheel than a seesaw. Life and your responsibilities continue to go round and round and you just decide which seats you want to jump on that day. The wheel will keep going if you skip a seat or stay longer in another or just watch it spin from the gate.

Photo by Fré Sonneveld, Creative Commons
Photo by Fré Sonneveld, Creative Commons

I’ve been learning to say “that’s not a priority for me” instead of the exhausted “I don’t have time for that” because after a year of working forty hours a week, taking a full load of graduate classes, and completing a part-time practicum while still being caught up on workouts, house cleaning, and Scandal, I realized I can really fit in anything if I put my mind to it. I may fool you by convincing you my life is currently too busy to plant a garden or learn Spanish or any number of things I claim I “would do if I had time”, but it’s not. It’s just not a priority right now.

And that’s OK.

Lindsay Sig

P.S. Here is yesterday’s priority


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