Lifestyle Slowing Down

“I can’t, I’m just too busy.”

Here at the Bungalow, I try (pretty successfully, I think) to keep my priorities clear so that when I am invited to do something, I consider where it fits: Spiritual health (small group, church services, retreats, etc)? Physical health (bike rides, farmers markets, kale recipes, etc)? or Emotional Health (dates with Husband, dinner with friends, cleaning my house, etc)? Sometimes, things can be in more than one category, like going on walks with friends to discuss missionaries or cooking dinner with Husband while listening to a sermon, but in general, this is a simple method I use to pick activities that will sustain my health and well-being.

(I just realized that work is not in one of the categories. I wonder if this means anything. Anyway…)


I hate throwing parties these days because I know it is literally impossible for everyone to attend on the same night. Or they just don’t RSVP so I’m constantly guessing at my grocery list. I get tired of inviting people to do things when I know so often, the answer is going to be “I would love to, but I have to do…” I don’t like scheduling guests for dinner months in advance only to become exhausted just listening to how busy they are. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been busy! I’ve had some crazy seasons of moving and wedding and work and marathons and graduate school and have learned to suck it up and go all night like a champ, but I didn’t like it. It was difficult and stressful and unhealthy and I counted down the days until my mind and body could balance and be at peace once again.

Is there a busyness competition I don’t know about? Are we hiding from something between the lines of our schedule? Do we need to prove our worth by our accomplishments? Is modern life really so challenging that it requires every open night? Are we that removed from close family and friends that we must visit them out-of-town every weekend? Are we actually getting things done or simply stirring more things around?

When did busyness become a lifestyle instead of a season? And when did it become a badge of honor instead of a call for help?

I would honestly like to know.

But as much as I would like to continue discussing our busy culture and it’s effect on mental and physical health, I can’t. I have planned an evening of being not busy. Because I care for you, I will relax on your behalf, sitting on my porch with a homemade margarita in hand, and discuss life with a friend until the sun goes down. And I will like it.


Lindsay Sig

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