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Tasting Tuesday: Watermelon Salad

Life has been moving faster than I would prefer this week at the Bungalow. We’ve been hosting friends for dinner, making lists of summer chores, verbalizing that we need to start packing for vacation, finalizing work details before our mutual last day, and holding each other close as we catch up on our favorite shows. We’ve been planning and scheming as we make assumptions about our life changes next month and cook up a storm of summer foods to offer fresh comfort, watching the steam disappear along with our free time.

It’s good, though. I am in love and feel love and am happy.

Also, I made watermelon salad! Inspired by a Girls’ Night at Revery (review to come later), I chopped some watermelon (meaning: Husband chopped watermelon), decorated it with crumbled feta, added a few basil leaves, and drizzled it with a tad balsamic and lime juice and ta-da! Easiest and brightest companion to all your summer grilling.

No, I did not compress the watermelon or compartmentalize each ingredient as displayed at our fine dining establishment, but I’m pretty sure the integrity of the flavors remained the same. At least, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

Watermelon Salad, The Love Bungalow

Lindsay Sig

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