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Six Month Anniversary: What I Wish I DIDN’T Know About Weddings

This week marks six blissful, beautiful months that Husband and I have lived together as husband and wife. Six months of bike rides and shared dinners and bedtime prayers. Not gonna lie, I went through a little wedding withdrawal. After an eighteen month engagement, I had conjured up quite the Pinterest boards, magazine piles, and Excel spreadsheets. I felt a little lost coming home from the honeymoon to boxes of used votives and a filled-in guestbook. Slowly, after all thank-you notes were mailed and my dress was preserved, I realized my wedding checklist was completed and besides scrapbooking into infinity, my wedding tasks were completed.

I loved my wedding: the old theater, the trolley, the candlelight, the warm colors, and the snow. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I relished (most) of the prep work-the front choices, the cake tastings, and the dress fittings. I laugh thinking back to some of my original ideas and how they morphed and changed throughout the planning process, definitely for the better! The wedding industry is a bit hard-core, though, and I continued to vacillate between “Getting married is the easy part, we should have huge celebrations for anniversaries instead” and “I want to execute a vision that exemplifies my impeccable taste and style!” I would get angry at the wedding industry for turning intimate, private moments into personalized displays of wealth and then become grateful for designers who could elevate such beautiful moments and stimulate the economy with creative ideas.

Needless to say, wedding planning can be a confusing time and, in the information age, can also be a bit overwhelming. I definitely took on a bit of overload with wedding blogs, wedding conventions, wedding television, wedding emails-you get the idea! I also picked up a few things that I wish I didn’t know:

1. I wish I didn’t know how much Pinterest, blogs, reality TV, etc. influenced both my and my guest’s perception of my wedding. Weddings are almost “graded” now, with points for individuality, personality, design, and “blog worthiness” and that pressure can be very stressful throughout the planning process. It also gets discouraging to realize your idea is not “original” when you find ten better versions online. My mom reminds me that this is recent phenomenon, localized within my generation, but I think it’s slowly seeping its way through popular culture. I tell myself that I want to go back to celebrating the love story and not the decorations, but then I continue to go about rating the appetizers.

2. I wish I didn’t know that average cost of an American wedding. The number of $26,444 or, whatever it is today, is broadcast through magazines, mailings, and the nightly news, drawing some kind of line between “budget” and “extravagant” weddings. A standard has been set and, above it or below it, I think it would be nice to just plan a dream wedding without an “average” number forcing you to line up around it and separate into categories.

3. I wish I didn’t know to “prepare for the unexpected” because boy, did I prepare! I had a whole team of florists, designers, and caterers working behind the scenes, plus a location coordinator and an event coordinator, paired with months of careful planning and flowcharts. I thought I had covered all my bases, but things still went wrong! The unity candlesticks broke, aisle lanterns didn’t get lit, dinner was late, and there was a snowstorm! I spent so much time trying to prevent the impossible, but things will always go wrong. And no amount of planning can prevent it.

4. I wish I didn’t know that my wedding day is “the best day of my life”. As much as I tried to deter vendors by reminding them that I hoped to have many more “best days” and how sad it would be if my best day was over by age 26, some of that pressure still remained. I tried to soak in every second and I love to recount the whole day with friends, but it scares me that time will distort my memories and adjust my emotions. I frame wedding pictures knowing that I will look at that same frozen face for decades to come and I hope I still like my dress, hair, and make-up choices. Even if my pictures get old, I will still keep them out, but hopefully, surrounded by many more beautiful, wonderful, perfect days with the people I love.

Anything you wish you DIDN’T know about weddings?

And now, time for some shameless wedding pictures to celebrate a wonderful six months! Here’s to many more!






Lindsay Sig

20 comments on “Six Month Anniversary: What I Wish I DIDN’T Know About Weddings

  1. I loved your thoughts on weddings. Your pictures were beautiful. Congrats on 6+ months of the glorious adventure of marriage!


  2. Happy six months!!! 😀 My husband and are celebrated our 9 month anniversary a few days back, but we’ve only been living together for 6, so I’m right there with ya!


  3. Yay! I didn’t know you could marry in a movie theater! I don’t think its been done here in England! Unusual but original!


  4. Great pictures and happy 6 months! I am attending my son’s wedding this weekend. He and my future daughter in-law are getting married on a farm in a barn. Low key, but all wedding are beautiful. 🙂

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  5. Rach @ This Italian Family

    Oh girl, I have said SO many times that I’m glad Pinterest didn’t exist when I got married. I mean, yes, it would have been SO helpful. So so helpful. But back in ye olden days (you know, 7 years ago, haha!), we didn’t even have texting on our cellphones yet. We had Facebook pages that we didn’t really use and that was the extent of our social media exposure. There was no Instagram or Pinterest for me to be exposed to all these gorgeous weddings. And I’m grateful. It never occurred to me to be concerned how my wedding would look in photos or video. No one had cellphones out taking photos because cameras on cellphones were awful back then. No one was posting images from the wedding to their social media accounts. I’m so glad I didn’t have any of that pressure. I always feel badly for ladies getting married in this day and age. There is so much pressure that just really shouldn’t be there.

    Okay, enough about all of that, haha! Happy six months (a bit belated – I just came across this post)! As I always tell brides, may the marriage be even more beautiful than the wedding. 🙂

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  6. Absolutely abhorred the planning. =) Even though I’d kept it restricted and as intimate as possible. But the marriage is what counts, not the wedding. =)


  7. Congratulations on your marriage commitment! We just helped my son get married two weeks ago so I understand your challenges. Your best days are ahead of you!!!


  8. I am loving your blog! And enjoyed your comments on your wedding. Checked it out after you liked my Bun Bar post. I have been to The Embassy many times – seeing your pictures brought back great memories. I had my bridal portrait taken at the Botanical Gardens. Blessings on your marriage for a lifetime!


  9. sportsattitudes

    My wife and I will have been married 33 years in April 2016. I enjoyed seeing and hearing about your wedding and wedding thoughts in general. Most importantly I am so happy we got our wedding “in” before the age of social media, “grading” weddings, etc. Best wishes on your life together!


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