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Hosting Series: Philosophy of Hospitality

I’m beginning to think that I like telling people about going back to school than the actual “going back to school” part. Husband started on Monday and was promptly informed to go ahead and tell family that he will be missing most holidays. Just as we’ve been getting into our hosting groove, he was told he should plan three hours a week for family time. Good thing I scheduled some events in advance!

This week marked one of my more ambitious events since settling into the bungalow: a classic summer cookout for the Vision Team at my church. I recently joined and wanted some casual time, outside of meetings, to connect with my fellow visionaries and their families.

I’ve already shared how much I value a clean home and fresh, easy foods when hosting, so today, I wanted to move on to share some of my “Philosophy of Hospitality”. Yes, these are goals, so they may not always be executed perfectly, but this is what I aspire to:

1. I want my house to be a warm, inviting place. If I’ve offered to host, it will be at a time that’s convenient for me so I have the energy to pour into the event. I don’t want people to have to help by bringing anything or cleaning up; I just want them to have a couple hours to rest, relax, and unwind from a hurried world.

2. I want to use real glass plates and real metal silverware. I want my guests to feel their visit is worth my effort and their time is not disposable. I fuss over removing water spots and ironing tablecloths because I want my guests to know both they and their experience is important.

3. I want to serve sustaining food. Husband and I work to reduce artificial ingredients and preservatives in our kitchen to care for our bodies and I want the same respect for my guests. Yes, it might be easier to make casseroles out of canned goods, but I want to go to the market and touch the produce and sneak in five servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the evening.

4. I want to remain calm. If smoke starts pouring out of the oven, I’ll laugh and say “We’ll have to have that looked at.” Or if kiddos break something, I’ll say “No worries, it’ll glue back.” Something silly will always happen, so I try to be gracious, to not take myself too seriously, and to focus on people, not things.


That’s my hospitality philosophy. What’s yours?

Lindsay Sig

3 comments on “Hosting Series: Philosophy of Hospitality

  1. Aunt Beth

    Lindsay Grace,

    You are wise beyond your years! Your advice has been spot on in so many of your blogs. Cheers to you and Husband for a job well done! Speaking of Husband, from now on I will try to refer to your priceless Husband (a.k.a. Ethan) as Husband instead of “the Man.” After pursuing you for seven years, I think Ethan deserves the title of Husband instead of the “Man” which was given to him when the status of the relationship was uncertain. Your Husband is indeed, a blessing to many! May the two of you share even more love than Uncle Bill and I experienced for almost twenty-eight years.

    Keep the blogs coming to your fans everywhere. Would you mind if I shared your blogs with several of my friends? I think they would enjoy your well-written words of wisdom, cooking tips, entertaining suggestions, as well as your love of God, Husband, and life!

    love you forever,
    Aunt Beth


    • Thank you so much for the sweet note-it was so encouraging! Yes, please feel free to share the blog with whoever! I’d love to get the word out there and grow my readership. So glad you like it! Love you so much!


  2. Really like the .part about not stressing over when things (invariably) go awry. It’s about people, not things. I love how everything you plan here is out of respect for your own boundaries of time and resources, and out of respect for your guests. Wonderful! Can I come? (Kidding, we’re two states away, but you make it sound sousoOO000oo inviting!)


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