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Lindsay Goes to School, Chapter #4

Photo by Sarah Babineau, Creative Commons
Photo by Sarah Babineau, Creative Commons

I’ve had so many first day of school’s that I’ve lost count. Not one for online classes, my extended education has consisted of a tour of diverse Indiana universities and maps of complicated parking lots.

I experienced many familiar feelings yesterday: “Will people like me?”, “Am I wearing the right clothes?” , “Do I need better school supplies?”, “Do I have to pay for all these required texts?”, and “Will I like it here?”

Returning for my PhD seemed more like a compulsion instead of a decision-just something that had to be done. I count my blessings because, so far, all of my career choices have been very clear. This just happens to be my longest and most intense choice.

I feel a bit older than when I last started school. I’ve traded my backpack for a large designer handbag and exchanged my thickly lined eyes for a more natural make-up look. I also feel more prepared than before, with both graduate and real-world experience under my belt. My glances at the bright-eyed freshman could be interpreted as pity: they don’t have a clue. But, then again, who does?

I got the same scary lecture that Husband received last week: “Academia is a lifestyle.”, “90% of marriages end during the pursuit of a PhD.” and “You have to choose academia or your marriage, but not both.”

I needed lots of hugs afterwards.

And then I ordered my books and bought my parking pass and reviewed my schedule. One day at a time. Today, I am happy and in love. I’ll work on being that again tomorrow.

Photo by Glen Noble, Creative Commons
Photo by Glen Noble, Creative Commons

Lindsay Sig

3 comments on “Lindsay Goes to School, Chapter #4

  1. I’m thinking that speech on academia was not done by a motivational speaker. Prigs.

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  2. Hats off to you for pursing your PhD! With God’s love and support, you and Husband will make it!

    Aunt Beth

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  3. That’s awesome! Take it one day at a time! 🙂

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