“If It Wasn’t for Girls Like You, There Wouldn’t Be Blogs Like This…”

Yes, Carrie Underwood’s songs seem to get stuck in my head, even if I can’t recall where I last heard them. And yes, now that I’ve been blogging for about three months, I’m definitely starting to see some trends among myself and fellow lifestyle bloggers. Yes, there are exceptions, but I’m gonna estimate that 95% of my blog feed comes from people who just like me: white, educated twenty-somethings who love to travel, cook, and generally make their world a more beautiful place and who are probably starting a new transition such as graduate school, marriage, or moving.

Bloggers are your awesome, creative, and clever friends, co-workers and neighbors. We just might not keep it up once careers take over and the babies come (says statistics, not me 🙂

Having all these things in common makes me think we should form a super blog. A combined online destination, professionally maintained and flavored with all of our unique ideas. Instead of “liking” each other’s posts every day and treading the same topic ground, we could market our site as a group with featured and curated lifestyle tips. We could be stronger together with the best recipes from The Richmond Avenue and Always Eat Dessert, craft ideas from Sweet ‘N Simple, organization tips from SimpLeigh Organized, and blogging advice from Ordinary Adventures, just to highlight a few. An entire lifestyle destination uniting our visitors and views with the best bloggers on WordPress.

Maybe that exists already and I need to join. Or maybe that’s Pinterest.


Lindsay Sig

12 comments on ““If It Wasn’t for Girls Like You, There Wouldn’t Be Blogs Like This…”

  1. nice post… cozy 🙂 check my blog too 🙂 :*

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  2. Pretty Cool Post. Regards Lucas

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  3. Thanks for posting this! I clicked on all your links & have found more lovely ladies to follow! 🙂


  4. That would be so cool!! 🙂

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  5. I am with you on that! I’m all about supporting each other and providing others with the same inspiration we have received in just one place:)

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  6. Hi Lindsay,

    I’m so glad that you commented on my blog last week, because it led me to your blog and I’m loving following along. Keep up the great work! And thank you for the shout-out in this post!

    Allison @

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  7. I am curious of this idea has gone anywhere! I have thought this myself, that some of my favourite blogs are collaborative ones and have not stumbled across as many as I thought there would be.
    If it happens, I will definitely be a subscriber!


  8. I totally agree! But to come up with a concept that is different than other collective blogs/sites…something to stand out… that’s where I am unsure. I’m open to collaborating/brainstorming!

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