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Tasting Tuesday: Blueberry Orange Scones with Honey Glaze

Sometimes, often at very inconvenient times like in the middle of class or during a dentist appointment, I get the incredible urge to drop everything and have a tea party.

Growing up with four sisters, we had a lot of tea parties. And who doesn’t love an excuse for a mid-afternoon break complete with scones and crumpets while pretending to be on Downton Abbey?

So, this week, I gave in.

I pulled out my Teavana loose-leaf stash, stocked up on some lemon curd, and baked some scones.

I used this recipe after failing to find lavender buds for my lavender scones idea.

I took the time to actually follow the recipe with things like mix all the dry ingredients together first and cut the cold butter into the flour (does anyone else usually skip this step?)

Orange zest

The result? They were delicious, positively exploding with berries, and all the other flaky, wonderful things that scones are supposed to be.

blueberry scones

So, go ahead, give into your tea party impulses today. Just invite me over. 🙂

Tea Party, The Love Bungalow

Lindsay Sig

11 comments on “Tasting Tuesday: Blueberry Orange Scones with Honey Glaze

  1. Brilliant Idea. Regards Lucas

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  2. Yum! From the looks of the last pic it was devoured before a pic could be taken LOL Happens at my house all the time;)


  3. This looks so good!!

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  4. beautiful scones, and my daughter loves tea parties and she is 38….never to old for a party….we have a love tea house in our town, we frequent it often…great post….thanks for stopping by mine…I look forward to more wonderful recipes….kathy

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  5. Yum!! What a delicious combination! These must be so yummy!!


  6. YUM! My dad loves scones and I have never been able to properly make them. Pinning this recipe for when he visits. Thanks so much 🙂

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