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Indy Guide: Fall Festivals

I think social media has just taken a gigantic, beautiful sigh to acknowledge the wondrous, annual beauty that is FALL! There’s just something about the gentle breezes, flickering candles, and pumpkin smells everywhere that can turn even the most ardent beach lover into a latte drinker. Not only does fall mean stylish jackets, apple crisps, and beautiful wreaths, it also means FESTIVAL SEASON!

Last weekend, Husband and I attended the our favorite French Market Festival and the Penrod Arts Fair. Yesterday, was the Irish Fest and this coming week is an Apple Celebration just about everywhere. With so many ways to soak in the season while savoring Kettle Corn, it’s important to be prepared! Here are a couple tips for making the most out of this year’s festival line-up:

Photo by Travel Coffee Book, Creative Commons
Photo by Travel Coffee Book, Creative Commons

1. Dress in Layers. Fall can mean “chilly” when leaving the house and “sweaty” when under the stage lights, so be ready for any weather!

2. Wear Comfy Shoes. You will be walking. Enough said.

3. Bring Cash. Many booths are cash only and you want to avoid annoying onsite ATM fees.

4. Check Ahead for Savings. Many festivals offer discounts if you purchase at local grocery stores or have a Student ID. Do your research and you can save major money.

5. Hydrate. $5 for water once inside the gate? I think not! Bring your own bottle or drink up ahead of time.

6. Get a Ride! Nothing kills my mood like parking my car miles away in a field and trapsing through mud trying to find it again. My new strategy is asking Husband to drop me and my friends off at the gate and then taking Uber home. Curbside service. 🙂

7. Embrace It! Festivals are all about trying new things, meeting new people, and celebrating with the people you love. Don’t take yourself too seriously and try to make some memories before the Season That Will Not Be Named sweeps in and throws snow on your social life.

Photo by LibreShot, Creative Commons

That’s all for now! What kind of festivals does your city offer? What are your tips for making the most of them? Cya there!

Lindsay Sig

10 comments on “Indy Guide: Fall Festivals

  1. We have many fall festivals and state fairs and I am so amped! I can hardly wait each year.
    You should always have cash but having your atm card may be handy if you desire to buy something a bit more expensive at one of the stands where local artists are showcasing their talents (artwork, clothing, etc…)
    There is also the best eats here that come back year after year with new ones popping up each year, they like cash too, LOL.
    I don’t usually ride the rides as I prefer ones that are not thrown up in a day and go to amusement parks for that, but you can purchase tickets for that too.
    If there is a website check your the activities like bands and acts playing and show up early so you have time to park, anticipate this being as such!
    Dress in layers as the day goes on. It may be warmer at first but once the sn goes down it will definitely get chillier.
    See if there are public transportation to and from the event to cut down on having to pay for parking (or pay so much).
    ENJOY IT! It only comes once a year! I feel this is better than spring because it’s the snuggly time before winter when we get to have fun and snuggle outdoors. 🙂

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  2. wow lovely! We are going to an apple festival next weekend to pick apples up in the beautiful orchards!

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  3. Abigail Snyder

    Ride your bicycle there…and take a lock so you aren’t tied to it the whole time!


  4. Fall is my favorite! Great tips!


  5. Thanks for finding my blog..gonna check out yours now..


  6. I haven’t been to a festival in a while and we have tons of them. I need to take advantage when I have a chance:) Thanks for the really great tips!

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  7. Fall festivals are the best! Good post!

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