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Friday Foodie: Flix Brewhouse

Ahh! The school monsters have caught me! And require me to actually do homework, pretty much most of the time. BUT! I managed to outrun them last week and checked out Carmel’s new Flix Brewhouse. I had heard good things, but had to experience them for myself.

Flix Brewhouse in Carmel is the third of a developing franchise opening across the country and is the only first-run theater to offer a fully-functioning brewery and restaurant to enjoy while taking in your film. Servers bring you menus and you can order any time throughout the movie by pressing a button on the side of your chair. Sounds great, right? Let’s see…

First of all, I was a bit mislead. The original description said something about being 20 minutes early because guests are seated by rows like an airplane. I was excited, so I, of course, got there plenty early, only to be told to seat myself. Lame.

Take #1
Take #1

Second, posted signs declared that late people would not be admitted, even after pre-buying a ticket. Also lame! My friends were driving from Greenwood and were more than a little stressed out about making it. What is that even about? I think people have the right to be late to movies, if they desire. The seats are reserved in advance, so what’s the difference between someone coming in late or someone leaving for a bathroom break?

Take #2
Take #2

Third, the food was a bit off. Like artificial ingredients off. Like mostly plastic-tasting off. Like “I never care to eat this again” off. I just tried dessert, but my friends tried sandwiches and chicken wings and came to the same conclusion. And I’m not a beer fan, so I didn’t try their specialty, which is on me.

Take #3
Take #3

So, basically, the only thing I enjoyed from this experience was the actual movie and seeing my friends. Not really feeling the need to ever return. But hey, we’ve still got Studio Movie Grill!

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

What fun movie theaters are in your town?

Lindsay Sig

1 comment on “Friday Foodie: Flix Brewhouse

  1. Boo for them for being lame:p The company makes up for it:) There is a Cinebistro with an idea similar to Flix Brewhouse that I have been meaning to try. We’ll see how it goes;)

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