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Hosting Series: Friendsgiving Inspiration

I am so excited about hosting our first “Friendsgiving” at the Bungalow this weekend. I’m going to catch up with my friends, use some of our beautiful wedding gifts, and try some amazing new flavorful dishes. I’ve been scouring Pinterest and the mall for ideas while scavenging decor from my neighbors and mother-in-law. I want the look to be simple and warm and the scents to be utterly irresistible.

Photo by Crate & Barrel
Photo by Crate & Barrel

Anyone else ever walk into a home store, admire the holiday decor, and have a sudden impulse to buy the entire seasonal collection? I restrained myself this year, but next year is still up for grabs.

But then, I would probably fall in love with the designs from the year after that and want a whole new set. They are tricky, those home stores! Oh well, I can dream.

Photo by Pottery Barn
Photo by Pottery Barn

My inspiration has currently led me to fresh flowers, printed “I am thankful” cards, folded napkins, tall candles, and sparkly confetti leaves. But there’s still time for more. I’ll keep you posted!

Photo by Pier 1 Imports
Photo by Pier 1 Imports

What is your Thanksgiving inspiration this year?

Lindsay Sig

13 comments on “Hosting Series: Friendsgiving Inspiration

  1. Friendsgiving is the best!


  2. How beautiful and I love the idea of Friendsgiving:) I think I would like to start that:)


  3. I think Friendsgiving is such a lovely idea. I love your inspiration and decor and look forward to more pics. Have a lovely day.


  4. Love this post! My friends and I have been in talks to have a Friendsgiving and this is giving me so many great ideas! 🙂


  5. Lovely idea Lindsay!!

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  6. I love the simple elegance of the decor ideas you have!


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