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Martha Stewart Fail: Triple Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

Everyone who knows me accepts that I definitely have a girl crush on Martha Stewart. Business tycoon, decorating extraordinaire, cooking genius, and prison survivor: what’s not to like?? Martha Stewart Living always fills me with so much inspiration that I have to read the magazine in sections and make tabs on what I want to come back to explore later.

But, so sad: Martha’s recipes don’t always do it for me. Like they are crazy complicated and make a huge mess and involve multiple trips to the store and require more time than I prefer to spend. Nevertheless, I persevere and continue to hope for the perfect Martha recipe that will bring me praise and prestige.

This was not the one.

We (mostly my long-suffering sister) chopped the chocolate, we buttered the bowl, we used the thermometer, we broke the peppermints, and we chilled for three days.


And we still ended up with a pile of gooey mush all over my in-laws counter. So much for impressing the family with my holiday treats.


But I laughed. And blamed it on my sister and on the thermometer and on Martha. And I wanted to share with you because not all cooking adventures will turn out perfectly beautiful, but there’s still fun and festiveness in the trying.


Anyone else have any holiday cooking mishaps? Or have any better luck with Martha?

Lindsay Sig

13 comments on “Martha Stewart Fail: Triple Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

  1. I LOVE Miss Martha!!! I thought that I was the only one left who did, HA! “… a girl crush…” love it!

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  2. It’s so funny to hear about mishaps – everything always look so perfect on WordPress! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ x

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  3. Thanks for sharing the good and bad! I have so many mishaps and that is how we learn!

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  4. Lindsay, sorry I just had to chuckle….I have many πŸ™‚ …I call them ‘my kitchen fails” It is so frustrating at the time, but I just keep on going…it is like I am a glutton for punishment or something. Happy New Year ! Hope you have a good one


  5. I love your honesty!! The more we fail, the more we learn, the better we get:)

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  6. Cooking disasters are inevitable–and candy is always especially tricky. Like the previous commenter, I appreciate your honesty. When I have cooking failures, it helps to know that others also have disasters from time to time.

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  7. I love desserts! πŸ™‚
    I’ve nominated you for the one lovely blog award! πŸ™‚
    Keep writing πŸ™‚


  8. johanna currie

    I tried to make this recipe tonight. Epic fail! I followed the recipe, used all the right ingredients, timed it perfectly, and came out with a big, sticky mess. I could hardly cut through it and it was overly sweet! Not the fudge I was looking forward to. Still love Martha, though. Any advice on making a soft, chocolately fudge? Thanks.

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    • Ahh! So happy to hear someone else had the same experience! Did they not test these recipes before printing? The fudge that I always get good results with is the crazy easy one with the chocolate chips and marshmallow on the back of the box. I think I may stick to simple from now on. Thanks so much for sharing!!


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