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Holiday Bonus: Valentine’s Baking Day

I love Valentine’s Day. And not even for the mushy love, romantic date parts. I love it because it’s sweet and pink and girly and pretty! I love piles of fresh flowers and stacks of truffles. I also love the rise of “Galentines” celebrations and other events with friends to shower on the love without needing a significant other. We all need more love and pretty, pink things in our lives.

This year, I got incredibly inspired to have an all-day Valentine’s baking extravaganza and then take the treats to “pay it forward” to the staff at our local homeless shelter and our neighborhood fire station. I found a bunch of fun, new recipes (hot cinnamon pretzels, dark chocolate raspberry brownies, and red velvet truffles). I sent Husband to the store. And then sent my sister to the store again (caster sugar is hard to find, just FYI).


Let’s just say, I hope it really is the thought that counts.

Six hours later, my kitchen was covered in chocolate, I was completely out of clean counter space, and my partner-in-crime sister was about to murder me. And my feet hurt.

So, we didn’t finish everything that day and we didn’t drop it off places, but I did eventually find some clean bowls, finish everything up, and take some treats to my classmates and my pastor and my hairstylist, so there is that. 🙂


Now, I have a whole year to plan for Valentine’s Baking Day, Round #2.

Anyone else make some amazing Valentine’s treats?

Lindsay Sig

14 comments on “Holiday Bonus: Valentine’s Baking Day

  1. It really is the thought that counts 🙂 . You really do have such a kind heart.


  2. Somewhat Handy Brandy

    What a kind thing to do! They look delicious!!


  3. This simply makes me happy!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks super yummy!! Making me hungry! X


  5. This is the sweetest idea! I made chocolate chip cookies and beet brownies (because I had SO MANY BEETS) with my 2-year-old. It was a lot of fun! But now we have way too many sweets in the house…


  6. This all the drool worthy! So sweet!


  7. I love that you pay it forward to others in your community:) It definitely brightens up the day:)


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