Foodie Friday: The Eagle

When my friend Sarah text me about trying out The Eagle, I thought it sounded like an ordinary bar. Until I read the menu. And then I started craving fried chicken and counting down the hours until we met up for dinner. And then I arrived and had to count down some more because we had an HOUR AND A HALF WAIT! and it’s only been open for a MONTH!

But I didn’t even care.

I ordered a drink, shared some brown sugar bacon and pickled country vegetables, and soaked in the loud, crazy, fun atmosphere. Owned by the same people who also run next door’s Bakersfield, The Eagle describes itself as a “food and beer hall featuring fried chicken”. I describe it as “yummy goodness that I need to eat again soon”.


My friends and I shared a whole chicken with spicy honey, macaroni and cheese, spoon bread, mashed potatoes, and some amazing vegetable mixture. We passed everything around family-style and were pleasantly surprised with the leftovers and the totals on our split bill.

The industrial style building is nothing fancy, but the packed atmosphere makes everything feel more urgent and exciting. Seating was a bit tight, but the food made up for it. I understand why everyone wants to stay for hours…and come back the next day (or maybe that’s just me). I’m excited for warm weather so I can check out their expansive outdoor seating. This is The Eagle’s second location and if they keep the good times rolling, I’m guessing it’s the second of many. Midwesterners do love their fried chicken!


So, you should try it and I’ll be counting down the days until my schedule allows for another long wait and my stomach allows for a large amount of comfort food.

Lindsay Sig

5 comments on “Foodie Friday: The Eagle

  1. **DROOL** This all looks amazing!! Awesome post!!

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  2. This food sounds delicious. I wish I lived closer!! Thanks for the post & pictures.


  3. You just made me hungry although i finished eating about 10 mins ago. I wish i stay in the states

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