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Tasting Tuesday: Almond Banana Bread

So, here’s the deal: I made some amazing banana bread. So amazing, that my sister, Husband, and I ate it all and forgot to take a picture. So, I’m using Your Cup of Cake’s picture because the author said it’s OK and I’m sending you her way for the recipe because it’s amazing and you will want to make it right away. Check out her blog while you are there. I know I am going back very soon!

Photo by Your Cup of Cake

Not only does it make use of your old bananas, but it also finishes up those last few slivered almonds that you have leftover from another recipe AND it makes two loaves without even having to double the recipe. One for me and one for the neighbor! It’s also kind of a “dump and stir” recipe, so not much prep work or clean-up. What more can you want in a recipe?!

Just make it. You’ll thank me.

Happy Tuesday!

Lindsay Sig

16 comments on “Tasting Tuesday: Almond Banana Bread

  1. That bread looks amazing!! I’m always on the hunt for a great banana bread recipe!

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  2. Oh wow, this looks so good!


  3. This looks very good – anything banana! Have a great day. 🙂


  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! This banana bread looks SO delicious. Yummy! I’m terrible with bananas – I buy perfectly ripened bunches at the grocery store, then watch in despair as they wither away into gross blobs of blackened peels. At least this way, I can make them into something tasty!


  5. Sounds like a delicious sweet bread.


  6. This looks so amazing!!!


  7. Yum, thank you! Love banana bread and those almonds on top! Yum!!

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  8. Love banana bread – my OH doesn’t like bananas, which I find bizarre!


  9. mackenzieakamacaroni


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