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Last weekend, I found myself on a farm, surrounded by strangers and enjoying the delights of folk music and a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. I had a sudden forgetful moment and I wondered, “How on earth did I end up here?” And then, I remembered:

Documentary. Food. Indianapolis. Oh, wait–an evening full of three of my favorite things!! Of course I am here!

I found out about Food First-Indy’s Food Story (and first full-length documentary) on social media and decided that, even though I had never heard about it before, I must secure a ticket to the premiere. Food First is a project from Hannah Lindgren and her communication business, Deliberate Media. I learned after the screening that Hannah became passionate about putting good food in her body after being diagnosed with a gluten and dairy intolerance. Through interviewing various business owners and non-profits around town, she started piecing together a collection of stories about the food movement in her own city.

Or, in her own synopsis…“Food First looks at how growing quality food, supporting local, and increasing access and education are impacting Indianapolis, Indiana. This is Indy’s Food Story ‐ where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.”

Cool, right?? So, how was the movie?

Pretty great! I really enjoyed the positivity, the range of interviewees, and the friendly faces of people and local businesses that I already know and love. I felt very encouraged afterwards, as if Indy is doing so well and creating so many awesome things. The other hand of that meant that I wasn’t sure what else there was for me to do now. So many incredible things are in motion that I didn’t see a place for me to plug in, besides continuing to support local businesses and buy local products. I also struggled with so many repeat shots throughout the film, but hey, small-budget films have to make it work somehow.

I would definitely recommend this film to people wanting to learn move about the food movement, Indianapolis, or just documentaries in general. I am always excited to hear more about the crazy cool things my community is doing and hope the good work continues to spread and expand across the country. And lucky for you, you too can attend a screening of the film before it lands on DVD or wherever modern film projects go these days. Hannah is partnering her screenings with local organizations AND community conversations to make each evening both memorable and impactful. I wish her all the best and hope more people can catch the film!


Lindsay Sig

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