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Friday Foodie: Marrow

This restaurant is now closed.

We ended up at Marrow by accident.

Husband and I both worked all day and then rushed off to this Winston Churchill fundraiser play thing and then it was 9 PM and I knew neither one of us were up for cooking dinner. So, we decided to get food by our house, but then Husband missed a turn and we were going the opposite direction and he just went with it and decided to take me to my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in Fountain Square instead. But there was an hour wait. And I was hungry. So, we walked next door. Kitchen was closed. So we walked to the door next to that and there was Marrow.

Marrow has been open for a few months, but there was something about the “global soul food” description that had always put enough question in my mind to find a second choice.

I now stand corrected.

Inside, the restaurant has a warm, cozy atmosphere and even though I didn’t recognize many things on the menu, our server offered many helpful suggestions. The dishes are intended to be served family style and bring a flavor and style influence from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Since Husband is the kind of person who likes to mix teriyaki sauce with raspberry jam just to see what flavors can happen, he was quite at home.


We started off with some Popcorn sprinkled with truffle butter, furikake, and sea salt. Husband was really into the furikake. For entrees, I ordered the Fried Tandoori Chicken and Husband tried the Caramelized Pork Ribs. We rounded out the meal with some Corn Muffins and a Coconut Tart. I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to like anything, but the aromas (or maybe my late night hunger) quickly took over and I was soon eating chicken with my hands and licking my fingers.

The chicken was definitely the standout and I have been craving another round all week. Corn muffins were OK, but I’d be up for trying a different side next time. I was a little disappointed by the bitterness (anise, maybe?) of the Coconut Tart. I get that all the American sugar isn’t very “globally inspired”, but I prefer to end my evening on a sweet, not sour note. I would have appreciated some sharable bread or something as a starter and I think I will definitely add a salad next time, but overall, I say that Marrow is a wonderful addition to the Indianapolis food landscape. I loved the creativity and the mellow vibe which inspired a perfect date night for two hungry people wanting to get out of their boring food routine. I’m not sure how often I will frequent, but I’d definitely be up for another happy accident.

Lindsay Sig

7 comments on “Friday Foodie: Marrow

  1. Sounds really yummy!!

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  2. Had marrow on baguette last month; definitely a new experience for me, but was DELISH and couldn’t be easier to prepare at home!


  3. I’m assuming that the restaurant was named because of the renewed interest in marrow (small m) and perhaps you might like to explore it for your blog, if you can find a good source for obtaining quality marrow bones–sorry hit Post too soon.


  4. This looks incredible

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