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Foodie Friday: Open Society Public House

I live in such a perfect neighborhood. We can walk to everything! And we do! And when a new restaurant is going to open within walking distance, I stalk it daily and make note of every single change until the grand day when it finally opens. And then I make plans ASAP to visit, take notes, and provide it with a warm welcome to my neighborhood. But, this time, I failed.

You see, Open Society Public House has been slated to open for months, like it’s been “coming soon” since last year (if someone could explain what makes a restaurant a “public house”, I would be much obliged). I’ve driven by it every single day searching for signs of life and smells of tasty food. And finally, movement! But sloooooow movement.

I’m not sure how long a “soft” opening usually lasts, but this is definitely the softest I have seen! Weeks of just coffee and pastries during the day. Then just cocktails at night. Then small plates. Then weekend dinner service by reservation. And finally, I grabbed a friend to check it out with me when I thought the menu was consistent, but still no! Our server said it is STILL the soft opening, so there were only 3 available entrées. We still ordered.


And that’s where the problems started! During our hour and a half wait for our order to come, three separate servers brought the wrong food to our table. And then to the table next to us and then back to a different table until they found the right one. Very unprofessional. But still, we waited. The people next to us got their dinner, ate, and left. New people were seated next to us. They also got their order and were eating. After so long, we finally asked our server about the delay. She checked and reported that our order was somehow lost. She comped our glasses of wine, but no offer for food was made. We finally just left and got tacos across the street after 1 1/2 hours and no food. So odd!

So, there are no pictures because there was no food! Apparently, it’s supposed to serve large and small plates with South American fusion in an industrial environment, but I wouldn’t know because I didn’t get to eat anything. All my anticipation for nothing! Lame, Open Society, lame.


I was convinced to give it another try and met a friend there for coffee TODAY and they were still a hot mess! They said my latte was ready and then were like, “Oh, sorry, not yours yet. We’ll bring it out to you when it’s ready.” And then they called me up to the counter like 2 minutes later and then said “Oh, wait, we forgot that we said we’d bring it out to you.”

So, basically, they need to get it together or this society is going to look pretty CLOSED.

Lindsay Sig

4 comments on “Foodie Friday: Open Society Public House

  1. I’ve never heard of a soft opening. It sounds like they will end up with a hard closing….(sudden!)


  2. I can’t believe you waited 1 1/2 hours and no food. I hope the free wine and conversation with your friend was amazing 😉

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