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Indy Guide: 5 Places for Brunch

I LOVE BRUNCH! Well, mostly, I love the idea of brunch: the friendships, the conversation, the relaxed start to the day, and the bubbles! But, I have to be motivated for brunch. Because most days of the week, I leave the house while it’s still dark outside with a granola bar in hand as my only breakfast item unless I happen to leave early enough to make a Starbucks before my hour-long commute. So you can imagine that when I have days off, I usually spend my mornings sleeping in while wrapped up in blankets or watching television in my underwear.

If I have several days off in a row, though, I may be convinced to actually shower, get dressed, and leave the house with dry hair before 1PM and THEN I go to brunch. And when I brunch, I go to these places. Enjoy!

Brunch at Milktooth
Photo by Milktooth

5 Best Places for Brunch in Indianapolis

  1. Milktooth. I just have to get this one out of the way because everyone knows about Milktooth and how wonderful it is and all the national recognition and blah blah blah, but it’s a legit fun place with cool Hipster Fountain Square vibe and ever-changing menu. Go on a weekday if you like being seated without an hour+ wait.
  2. The Gallery Pastry Shop. I have definitely written about this place before because because it is a fan favorite at the Bungalow (and it’s conveniently in our SoBro neighborhood), but their brunch is legit. The menu may be small, but the flavors are mighty. You can brunch during the week with options like quiche and granola or wait until Sunday for 1/2 price bottles and custom omelettes and crepes. I’ve noticed wait times getting longer, but you can make a reservation! How great is that?!
  3. The Garden Table. I come here when I want to feel somewhat healthy about my brunching as the cold-pressed juices and vegetarian bowls and salads leave me feeling refreshed, as if I really could become that yoga mom who drinks green smoothies and runs her errands wearing athleisure. Two convenient locations on Mass Ave and Broad Ripple make it an easy stop, no matter your side of town.
  4. Cafe Patachou. All you need is the Cuban breakfast. And cinnamon toast. This place is an Indy staple for a reason and I never get tired of it or run out of excuses to introduce it to visiting friends. Menu options are wide and all delicious. I have never had a bad experience and trust me, I’ve had many experiences. And there are multiple locations, so you can enjoy all across town! Plus, they are open on Mondays! A real win!
  5. Open Society. I’m so hesitant to add this to my list as my first experience with this SoBro restaurant was not a pleasant one, but I was talked into giving it a second chance and I was not disappointed! I like the soft eggs and home fries and fancy coffee and other good things, but also like the location, atmosphere, and the fact that you can make reservations. BUT! I’m watching you, Open Society. Another bad experience and you are OFF MY LIST!
  6. (BONUS!) Rosie’s Place. In case you happen to head northwest and land in Zionsville, this repeat destination offers a mad breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The hardest part about coming here is deciding what to order as the menu is vast and everything (so far) is delicious.

Where else should I be brunching? I’m checking out Rize in the IronWorks building tomorrow.

Lindsay Sig

4 comments on “Indy Guide: 5 Places for Brunch

  1. We share a love of brunch! Next time I am in Ohio I will definitely be checking some of these out!!


  2. 😍 I live in L.A., but I LOVE brunch as well and enjoyed reading about your favorite places. I too, am guilty of the granola-bar-or-Starbucks rut, but there’s nothing like sitting down for a leisurely morning meal on a day off!


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