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Friday Foodie: The Gallery Pastry Shop

Oh, hello, lovely bloggers. Is there anything much better than fresh pastries? No? What about fresh pastries a block away from your house? Even better!! I am so loving all of the delightful shops popping up in the 54th Street shops in SoBro and I pretty much assumed since its grand opening that The Gallery Pastry Shop and I were going to be close friends. I visited for the first time during opening week (It’s a block away! I have to be a good neighbor!) for a girls night with my church friends. I stopped in again the week after to treat my sister to brunch (custom omelets, anyone??) AND went back a third time last Friday to take a macaroon baking class with my mom.

After three visits, I’ve pretty much decided that The Gallery Pastry Shop is the place to be. It’s co-owned by a real live pastry chef, Ben Hardy, and he is pretty much the breath and soul of this place. I’ve seen him every visit as he works on new and exciting creations in his open kitchen. The menu features pastries, plated desserts, and charcuterie boards, along with a full selection of red and white wines. Delicacies are enjoyed in an industrial, but warm setting surrounded by unique lighting fixtures, hand-crafted wood tables, and an array of market seating. AND it’s open late! I so appreciate the late-night dessert trend as the perfect ending to a movie night or friend date or really whatever.


The treats are amazing (a tad expensive), but after you learn the process that goes into making such delicious things (it took us 3 hours to make macaroons!), I have a little more grace about the price. I can see brunch becoming a Broad Ripple hot spot (especially with 1/2 price bottles on Sundays), so now is the time to go before it gets too popular and you have to wait for a table. Our macaroon class was incredibly detailed and informative (I’ll post the next class schedule soon in case anyone else wants to schedule some much-needed baking time). I think they could adjust their item inventory numbers a bit since they’ve been out of multiple things when I’ve ordered off the menu, but I have complete confidence they’ll figure it out and I’m trusting that this pastry shop will bring us delicious wonders for a long time to come!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Lindsay Sig

9 comments on “Friday Foodie: The Gallery Pastry Shop

  1. The Beauty Of Our Imperfection™

    Yum! Those look delicious!

    Would love to hear from you on my latest post about my Whole 30 weight loss journey,

    Founder of The Beauty Of Our Imperfection™

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  2. This place sounds divine! Perhaps it’s good I’m too far away to become a frequent visitor….

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  3. I’ve heard so much about this place! Really need to get myself over there!

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  4. WineAndWhine

    Ah i love chocolate, looks so scrummy x

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  5. Yummy today i feel hungry. Maybe that food would be delicious !!

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