Hi, friends. It’s that time of year again when I stock up on healthy snack foods from Trader Joe’s and silly filing folders from Target in preparation for a new school year. I have to search my closet to pull out anything other than the shorts and Birkenstocks I’ve been traipsing about in all summer and warn my friends that I may not see them for a couple weeks until I “settle in” from syllabus shock. Towards the end of summer last year, I was overwhelmed with a terrible anxiety about what Year #2 of my PhD program would look like. Some aspects of that anxiety was warranted, but the other parts were slowly resolved with a large amount of yoga, prayer, early bedtimes, and back rubs. And the year went by and some things were good and some things were bad, but by the end, I was tired.

And so, I rested.

My program goes year-round, so I still have a full course load in the summer, but by the grace of God, all my summer classes happened to be online. I decided to skip the optional summer assistantship and extra clinic hours to stay in Indianapolis. This meant my daily hour commute turned into sleeping in and my client sessions converted into gym sessions and I had the most beautiful summer of my life.

Photo by Kaboompics, Creative Commons

I started school last week with a new joy and energy that I hadn’t felt in a long time. My mind is in a good place to learn, my body is prepared for new challenges, and my spirit is feeling restored with fresh creativity. I am so thankful for my beautiful summer and am rooting for a beautiful Year #3.

Since I’ve been a little lapse on my blogging lately, I thought I would try to recap some of my summer fun by the numbers to get everyone (including myself) up to speed before making space for new recipes, restaurant reviews, and random musings. Here we go:

Movies Seen in Theaters: 7

New Recipes: 12

Road Trips: 4

Books Read: 6

Trips to the Gym: 45

Museum Visits: 5

Reflection Papers: 18

House Guests: 9

Family Reunions: 1

Blog Posts: 15

Makeovers: 2

Game Nights: 8

Windows Washed: 16

Festivals: 3

Patio Dinners: 10

Episodes of HIMYM: 165

What did everyone else do this summer?

Lindsay Sig

10 comments on “Summer by the Numbers

  1. This was such a fun post idea! Sounds like a great summer.

    @trendyinindy || trendyinindy.com

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  2. Great summer, wish I could take paid summers off haha.

    Dennis Chavours

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  3. This sounds like such a fun summer. Good luck on your 3rd year of school.


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  4. Sounds like a fun, full summer! Love this idea!

    Brittney Mason, theprettyplus.com, @theprettyplus

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  5. Sometimes taking a break is more important than we think. I’m glad you got to enjoy your summer! I’m super looking forward to my vacation coming up next week to recharge my batteries.

    – Kate @ IntoIndy.com

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  6. Your summer was well accomplished! I’m so sad for summer to end but happy fall is around the corner!

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  7. Sounds like a fun summer prehaps when time slows down you will review those movies , share the recipes and makeovers with us😉

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  8. Unfortunately I am unemployed due to medical reasons. The hospital I was working in started to use a new cleaning product. That built up in my system untll a rash and swelling started on my hands and more importantly, my face (eyes). The trouble now is, I have a reaction to lots of chemicals. So basically, every day is a holiday for me, but with no money…no ‘holiday activities’.
    So it is great to hear what someone else is doing. Study can be useful, if you choose the right field. Unfortunately, I didn’t.
    So now I volunteer with Therapy Dog Service, Rassilon my greyhound, and I go and visit hospitals, nursing homes and recently an establishment for people with mental health issues, and I was surprised how good Rassilon was there.
    Good luck with your studies, but more importantly, ENJOY your studies. And remember, prayer shouldn’t be kept as a last resort.When things get too hard to stand…kneel.

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  9. Fun to see a PhD candidate posting. I have a daughter who just started her first year as a candidate. She is trying to stay ahead of the game. So, one wedding, one PhD for me to be supportive with – my trip to China and Vietnam in four days will give me some distance. Good luck with your year!

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  10. i loved the post!! great idea to list numbers

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