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Friday Foodie: graze

Friends, I cannot resist free things that arrive on my doorstep. It’s a problem. I will try any new product that arrives in beautiful packaging and requires very little effort from me, except for providing a credit card number “in case I want to order again.” So, this is the case with graze. Similar to NatureBox, graze sends a variety of healthy, pre-portioned snacks to your house on your schedule. As someone who has to sit through hours of long classes without breaks, I am always grateful for some new snack ideas to fit in my backpack and keep my stomach noises at a manageable level.

So, they offered me a free starter box. And I tried it. And then, of course, I forgot to cancel and got two more boxes, so my school snacks are set for the next few weeks! But how does graze stack up to the rest of my modern-day snacking options? Well, I will tell you.

Photo by The Tasty Bite Blog

Pros: The variety is fun. I got mini bags of popcorn to pop at my own convenience, cookies with an accompanying tea bag, Thai crackers with spicy dipping sauce, and multiple assorted mixes with nuts and berries and the like. Definitely more choices than other mail-order snack companies I have tried in the past. Flavors are pretty tasty, too. Nothing I would specifically crave, but yummy. In addition, each snack has a secret benefit, like “full of fiber” or “extra protein,” so there is an extra health benefit to munching.

Cons: You don’t get to pick your snacks! You can choose flavor preferences and rate the items you’ve tried, but the actual assortment is selected for you, so I hope the “snack selector” has similar taste buds to mine. You can go back and order larger versions of your favorite snacks, but who wants to do that? Also, snack sizes are pretty small. Yes, small is healthy, but sometimes I want more than two tablespoons to really feel satisfied. And…it’s not super cheap. After my free starter box, I paid $13.99 for a box of eight little snacks. So, approximately $1.75 a serving and I’ve learned I can get quite a collection of cheese sticks and popcorn and pretzels and nuts mixes for $13.99.

Conclusion? I canceled. And I think I’ve decided snack subscription boxes are not for me. I have Trader Joe’s.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Anyone else use a snack subscription service? I’m really curious how long they are going to be around.

Lindsay Sig

8 comments on “Friday Foodie: graze

  1. We have had graze boxes in the UK for several years. The boxes look so attractive, and the first one is free, just like your box. I have tried one, and have shared some of the snacks from other people’s boxes but I’m of the same opinion as you: although the snacks are delicious, there’s limited choice and they are simply not cost effective. Yet someone must be buying these boxes! I have noticed that some of our shops now sell individual graze snacks, but I’ve no idea how popular they are.

    I think you’re best to make your own. I have a selection of little storage boxes (they hold about 2 ounces) that can be filled with nuts, dried or fresh fruit, etc. The key to this is that the boxes look cute, so maybe that’s the answer – buy a few pretty storage boxes for your snacks. Then fill them with delicious tasty snacks (cucumber or carrot sticks, grapes, nuts, cereal bars, oat cakes).

    Happy snacking!


  2. fun idea , but yikes $14 is a lot to spend a week on snacks. You and your readers may enjoy this post on good healthy frugal snacking 😊


  3. I tried it initially in the UK for 2 months. Cute but I eat bigger portions than that as a snack. Haha

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  4. I had the graze starter box as well and posted it on my blog! I loved but like msw Blog stated, $14 is a bit much for snacks every week lol It was a great experience though. Awesome post! 💕


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