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Friday Foodie: Rize

I’ve learned so many things since becoming a blogger, such as some managers will give me free food in exchange for writing about their restaurant and other managers will send gift cards after a bad review in hopes that I will visit again and change my mind. I love all this free food (it definitely helps with the graduate school budget!), but it tends to come from places I don’t love. Because sometimes, restaurants know their food is amazing and they don’t need to give it away. So, I have to suck it up and pay just like everyone else, but sometimes I don’t mind because the food is just.that.good and one of those places is Rize.

Rize is another Cunningham Restaurant Group addition (I keep writing about them!) located inside the new Ironworks Hotel (so beautiful!) on the northside of Indianapolis. I can’t seem to stay away from the Ironworks Building this fall, as I’ve recently been there for a hotel tour, massage, birthday party, dressy dinner, and multiple brunches. (They should definitely send me some gift cards since I seem to be a fabulous spokesperson!) Rize is open everyday for breakfast, brunch, and lunch and has become my new favorite Indianapolis foodie destination.

Cinnamon Roll from Rize

The atmosphere is cheery and colorful, with a slight nod to the industrial decor of the attached hotel. Service has been incredible both times I’ve visited, with servers explaining the menu, offering suggestions, and generally being wonderful, helpful humans. Menu is both creative and fun while still being approachable and includes tasty selections like Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl, Cold Smoked Salmon Toast, Egg Tart, Banana Waffles, and Roasted Chicken Salad. Drinks options are traditional espresso drinks, along with smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, and cocktails. Side items include Apple-Pecan Spiced Cake and Whole Grain Chips & Guac.

On my first visit, I ordered the Potato Waffle ($11), which was a delightful choice involving truffle fondue, sunny egg, greenhouse greens, charcuterie, radish, ad gruyère, and shared a homemade Cinnamon Roll ($3) with my friend. On my second visit, I tried the Grilled Cheese ($11) with brie, arugula, caramelized balsamic onion, grain mustard, and apricot jam. I’m hoping to make another visit tomorrow and will be very torn between trying something new or going with one of the options I already LOVE.

Chicken and Eggs at Rize Restaurant

In summary: Rize is amazing. Take all your friends. Or don’t, because I don’t want a long wait when I regularly return as a repeat customer. I’m so happy to have a new favorite brunch spot, even if I have to pay.

Overall Rating: 5/5


2721 E 86th Street, Suite 120
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Inside the Ironworks Hotel

Open every day from
6:30am to 3pm

Lindsay Sig

5 comments on “Friday Foodie: Rize

  1. Wow, the best kind of comfort food!


  2. Oh my lanta! The food looks amazing! That potato waffle has me drooling! ❤


  3. Everything looks so amazing 😋


  4. GIRL. I am drooling. Let’s get some blogger gals together to go next time! Your photos are great!


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