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Friday Foodie: Provision

I’ve mentioned previously that my in-laws are fellow foodies, so I’m always excited to try new restaurants with them as we usually end up ordering a large variety of dishes so we can all try different things and get a well-rounded perspective on the menu offerings. We typically discuss pros and cons of each restaurant and rate our selections based on taste, quality, and creativity (yes, we really are that nerdy). I was so excited when they came to visit recently as it coincided with the recent opening of Provision, the newest restaurant by the Cunningham Restaurant Group in the IronWorks Building (and basically the talk of the town). As someone who appreciates a solid chef-driven, farm-to-table menu, I was very excited to have something new so close to my shopping areas. I’ve become a bit tired of all the mall chain restaurants on the north side, so I was curious to see if this concept has staying power.



The verdict? I think Provision going to be around for a few. Let’s set the scene: you roll up to the Ironworks Building and receive (free) valet parking. The restaurant is on the second floor, so you take the stairs or elevator all while passing modern vintage art pieces on the tall walls and ceilings. Once arriving at the top, you state your reservation (reservations can be made online) and are seated.

It’s a little tricky to describe the atmosphere as it mixes several different stylistic elements, but it includes wood-paneled dome ceilings, modern gray palettes, elegant light fixtures, and one very cool bathroom. An open kitchen provides fun visibility and a “hustle and bustle” feeling as plates are being carried away and servers are strutting around with purpose. Speaking of service, our service was delightful with multiple managers stopping in to ensure our meal was delicious. While food arrival was not overly slow, it was definitely leisurely, so we had plenty of time to relax and converse between courses.



What did we eat? Pretty much everything. For appetizers, we shared a bread basket, seafood cocktail, and lobster dumplings. For my entree, I ordered a 7oz Angus filet with a side of “tater tottlers” (stuffed tots) while Husband tried a 16oz Ribeye with a side of seasonal gnocchi. We sample multiple desserts including my favorite chocolate peanut butter bombe with banana cream pie ice-cream and lemon coconut creme cake with fruit sorbet. All in all, it was a pretty solid showing.

My only complaints? I think paying for a bread basket is lame and should be complimentary (especially after enjoying the delightful option at sister restaurant, Vida). Appetizers were pretty small to be shared amongst several people. The sides that came with my steak were also relatively modest and could be enhanced. And…it’s pretty pricey. Is the quality probably worth it? Yes. But is it a place I can afford to frequent often? No.



But it was a delightful weekend treat and I was so thankful for family who went along with my new restaurant ideas. I’m excited to see if Provision continues to be a hot spot (it was pretty full already) and am thankful for a local option so close to the Fashion Mall. I’d like to check back in a few months to see if the menu changes, but until then, I’ll be looking for the next hot thing.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Anyone else been to Provision?

Lindsay Sig

8 comments on “Friday Foodie: Provision

  1. I think it’s stupid to charge for bread also. N.

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  2. The food looks amazing! What type of camera do you use??


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  4. Love your take! I agree it’s way better than the chain restaurants on the north side


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