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Friday Foodie: DeBrand Fine Chocolates

It really isn’t fair for me to review the newly opened Indianapolis location of DeBrand Fine Chocolates since DeBrand originated from my hometown and I’ve grown up enjoying their delicious treats. I consider DeBrand and their high-quality treats to be part of the fabric of Fort Wayne as it is the official stop for first dates and after-dinner treats and Valentine’s Day presents and wedding favors and bridal showers (I had my own there) and hostess gifts and really every other occasion where chocolate might possibly be needed (and isn’t chocolate always needed??).

But I’m reviewing it anyway because it’s new to Indianapolis and it’s now open and it’s delicious.

Photo by DeBrand Fine Chocolates

DeBrand Fine Chocolates opened in The Shops at River Crossing, on the Northside of Indianapolis, directly next to the Fashion Mall at Keystone. The interior is chic and stylish, with bright white countertops and displays. They offer multiple chocolate options to be wrapped up and taken to go in their signature boxes, along with dessert and beverage options to be enjoyed on-site. Their ice-cream sundaes ($9.25) are my favorite must-have treat with topping choices like crispy peanut butter, tart raspberry, and salted pecans. Espresso drinks, hot chocolate, and hot caramels round out the delicious drink options. The shop also has a private space in the back for parties and can accommodate custom orders.

My recent visit to DeBrand Fine Chocolates was during their second week of operation. Husband and I were both greeted warmly and received excellent service throughout our visit, including a visit from the manager. We swapped stories about our love of fine chocolate and our mutual Fort Wayne heritage. My sundae met my expectations with the quality level I have come to expect and anticipate.

Indianapolis is definitely a different market than Fort Wayne and I am interested to see how DeBrand fits into the local landscape. I think they made need to try a few different things to get their name out and become a part of the Indy food scene. Not to fear, I will happily help them when they say the word. But until then, give them a friendly Indianapolis welcome!

Overall Rating: 5/5

DeBrand Fine Chocolates
8685 River Crossing Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 669-0955

Regular Store Hours
Monday-Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am – 10:30pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
*check online for special extended Valentine’s Day hours

Lindsay Sig

4 comments on “Friday Foodie: DeBrand Fine Chocolates

  1. Yes, the chocolates look delectable! I like the nature-inspired designs etched on the tops. I’m curious about the ice cream sundae toppings you mentioned. What would “crispy peanut butter” be?


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